Before Booking A Personal Styling or Personal Shopping Session

I hate shopping. I hate clothes. Or I love clothes and think I dress pretty well?
Great! Most of my clients are a combination of the two. They love clothes and want to dress in a way that reflects their personality and flatters their shape, but they aren't sure how. They hate to shop. Or, they love to shop and try new things, but they've become overwhelmed. Either way, our time together is always amazing. If you're not sure, read what my clients have to say here.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to work with you. Tell me more.
Of course! We can always just chat via email or on the phone about what you're thinking. I'm really flexible. I have clients who contact me months in advance just to let me know that I'm on their radar for after XYZ event. I have clients who think they want help with shopping but when we work together we realize they just needed new ways to wear what they already had. Email me, and we'll figure it out. 

Scheduling Your Session

What Are Your Hours?
I'm generally available weekends and weekday evenings, but I make exceptions if you need a daytime appointment. I find that personal shopping works best when stores are less busy and make every attempt to schedule those sessions on weekday evenings or weekend mornings. 

How Far Ahead Should I Book?
Book now! Or book later. I know that inviting me into your closet (in person or virtually) is a big deal. It's fun, but it's also a vulnerable thing to do. So please, contact me whenever you feel even just a little bit interested. I'm usually booked about 2-3 weeks out at this point for weekends, but some women call a few months ahead, too.   

When Am I Considered Booked for A Session?
Once we email each other with an agreed-upon date, you're booked. I bill via PayPal after our session because I bill hourly. Once the session is over, I'll know how much to bill you depending on how much time we spent together. 

Do You Offer Any Additional Services?
I do! In the course of a personal styling session, I will typically organize your closet some. I'm also available for closet organization at my hourly rate of $25. Why would you book me for this? If you want your clothes to make more sense where they're stored, if you want to know what clothing you have, and if you want to feel more calm when getting dressed.

Do Your Gift Certificates Expire?
Nope. Never.

Preparing for Our Session

How Should I Prepare?

For Personal Styling: whether I'm coming over or just showing up via webcam, it works best if you have as much of your clothing, accessories, and shoes in one place near a full length mirror. I'll take notes as we go and then email you those notes. If we are in person, I'll also email you pictures of each outfit. If you're doing a virtual session with me, you might want to take pictures as we go. You can change wherever you feel comfortable. Wear versatile undergarments that work with many items of clothing.

For Personal Shopping: have a budget in mind, wear comfortable shoes, and eat something beforehand. Usually, we've had a conversation about what pieces we're looking for, and I'll have that list. Come with an open mind toward how amazing you can look!

Dos and Don'ts
While we work together, you'll likely find pieces of clothing that you are ready to let go of. You don't need to do a big purge before our session. Don't feel that you need to clean your closet out or make your space look nice. When I leave there will be clothing everywhere! Make sure to show me everything that you have. I'm not here to judge you, and often the things you hide from me are the things that really add creativity and honesty to your look!

During Our Session
In person or via webcam, I'll show up. We'll chat about what your life is like and what kinds of situations you need to dress for (work? retired? dates? kids? fancy? casual? church?) and what ideas/questions/concerns you have. The rest of the process looks like this. If you're on a webcam, you'll do a lot more grabbing things while I say "I see a dress back there...is it blue? Grab that!"

After Our Session

What Happens After?
After, I'll bill you via PayPayl and email you with notes, reminders about outfits and things you might want to get. I'm always a resource for you, and you can come back in a different season or for a refresh. We'll email, and you might even send me pictures of new outfits you've rocked or accessories you're stumped about just how to wear. And you'll go off into the world, ready for anything.   

What's Your Personal Styling Philosophy?

Good question! It's important to know who you're going to have looking at your clothing, right?Recently, I participated in a blog tour. Here is a bit about my styling philosophy that came out of that interview.

1. What am I working on?
Phew! Great question I'm working on being kind to myself, making time for spontaneity, and de-cluttering my home. I'm also currently thinking a lot about creating community through my blog and how best to do that.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My personal styling work is different from others because I don't approach it with a set idea in mind for how women "should" dress or what looks women "should" or "should not" wear at a certain weight or age or stage of life. I share tips and ideas, but what I hope for women is that we will continue to find ways to embrace whoever we are-and whoever we want to be. I love how clothing can express that complex inner self, and I strive to find ways to draw that out of my clients and readers rather than impose one set vision. 
Read more about my philosophy here.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I write because I am bubbling over with inspiration, and there are women all around the country who I want to sit down with and drink a cup of iced tea together and just dish about style, body image, clothes, sales, crazy trends, and who we are proud to be. I love the opportunity to do that with my clients in person and via FaceTime, but my blog is another way to connect with more women than I get to see in person.

4. How does my writing/ creating process work?
I'm a lawyer by trade so I do a lot of research; it's something I enjoy. I tend to work two ways: sometimes, I'll come across something while I read or shop or advise a client that I know I want to share on my blog. Other times, I'll have a question in mind (like "Hmm...maxi dresses are so comfortable. Is there a way to wear them to work?"), and I'll do some research (online, with a client, or out shopping) to figure out an answer to that. In my styling business, I go into a client's home (or virtually via video), and I look at everything she has in her closet or in her drawers. We talk about what her life is like and who she'd like to be. Then, we go through everything, putting together outfits that she'll wake up excited to wear the next day-and the days after that! If she has some gaps to fill, we'll go shopping together or I'll send her a list of budget-appropriate ways to fill in those gaps. 

I also love styling the fashion for photo shoots like the ones you see here!  Contact me for more information.

Photos : Lauren Modny Photography
Styling: StartCloseIn 
Creative Direction: Piccadilly

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