Personal Styling Services

Personal Styling Services

 Every woman is different and the day will not likely unfold according to exact plan; here are some options to help us frame our time together. We can easily start with one idea and sprinkle in others. Let these ideas inspire you.

Personal Styling

Step 1: Closet Cleanse
Enjoy the peace that comes from knowing exactly what you want to wear every morning when you get up and the confidence that you're wearing what looks-and feels-great on you. Whether you book me for one hour of closet cleanse or for several, your closet will be more organized and functional when I'm done. This is a great service to combine with "shop your closet." 1-3 hours.

Step 2: Shop Your Closet
After just a few hours with me in your closet, you'll not only have dozens of outfits hung up and ready to wear, you'll have a new sense of what looks best on you. You'll try on outfits based on combinations of your own clothes that you may have never thought of wearing before. I'll help you fall back in love with the clothes you already own. 2+hours

Optional Step 3: if we discover gaps in the clothing and accessories that you have, you may choose to book me for personal shopping to help you fill in those gaps. See below.

Personal Shopping
We'll chat and make a plan together to fill in the gaps between how you dress and how you'd like to dress, then we'll go shopping and find any additional items that will help you dress for your best life. My approach to shopping is unique: you'll feel comfortable and relaxed and will come home with only items that you love. I'll create a personalized Pinterest board before we go to inspire and focus us. The most fun about personal shopping is that we will make outfits together in the dressing room and pick items that are truly reflective of the life that you life-and of your inner beauty. I often worry we'll get kicked out of the stores for giggling too loudly! Personal shopping can be done in addition to or apart from a personal styling session. It can also be done virtually!

Virtual Personal Styling
You don't have to miss out on the fun if you live outside of driving distance from Washington, DC. All you need is a video camera-either on your phone or your computer. Set it up to face wherever you have your clothes, and I'll walk you through outfits to try on and combinations to consider. It will be fun! FaceTime works better than Skype, but either one will work. Read more about the process here.
Contact me for more information.

Personal Styling and Shopping for Weddings
Whether it's styling a bridal party, helping a mother (or mother-in-law) pick an outfit, or helping you with what to wear for any and all wedding events and pack for a honeymoon, let's chat! I can find unique, personal items for every event, make Pinterest boards for you to consider, and even come up with the perfect final touches. I'm also available for in-person styling sessions leading up to or on the day of a wedding.

Spring 2015 Pricing

Personal Styling: $35/hour. One personal styling session (including short closet cleanse and shop your closet) is typically 3 hours. Either service can be booked for longer.

Personal Shopping: $25/hour. One personal shopping session can last from 3-5 hours depending on your needs.

Mileage (over 50 miles) $0.25 per mile. Travel requiring flights? Please contact me.
Gift certificates are available

Note: I bill via PayPal after the session. 

Please reach out to me if these prices are prohibitive to you. I am always open to barters and alternative methods of payment.
Contact me if you’d like to talk over what kind of fun we might have in your closet!