Styling for Weddings

Styling for Weddings

Even if you're not getting married, figuring out what to wear to a wedding or in a wedding can be difficult. Clients have contacted me for help figuring out what to wear as mother of the bride or groom, to a very casual or very formal wedding, to a wedding they'll attend while really pregnant, and to multiple weddings over the same season. 

Me on our wedding day!
I love helping people figure out what to wear, whether they're related to one of the people getting married, they're in the wedding themselves, or they're just attending and looking for some tips. I'm here to help a good choice become a great choice that you'll really want to wear when the wedding comes--and maybe even after! 

Here are a few of the many posts about styling for weddings that I've done. 

These were some of my tips for finishing touches to a summer wedding

Danae got help with adding personality to a casual maternity dress for a wedding
Here, I shared advice I gave to a mother-of-the-bride
These were my hints for packing a killer bag for a wedding weekend

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