Friday, October 4, 2013

Q&A: Packing a Killer Bag for a Fall Wedding Weekend in Charleston

Q&A: Packing a Killer Bag for a Fall Wedding Weekend in Charleston

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I recently had a reader question about what to wear to a fall wedding she's attending near the end of the month in Charleston, SC. I've written about packing before, but there is still more to say! First, I really recommend choosing a theme for your clothing for the weekend. With only a few days to pack for and limited space, choosing a theme will help you.

When I say theme, it could be Polka-Dots, Romantic Skirts, All Black, Plaid and Jeans, or whatever you are excited about. Here, I've picked some inspiration shots for you based on colors, and here's why I think themed packing is the way to go!

Packing by Theme Helps You See How Many Fun Things You Already Own!

Black and white with a pop of color is a classic combination, and it's one that works well as a final nod to summer, too. If you pick a theme like B&W, start by pulling any and everything you have out of your closet that could possibly work that is B&W. Once it's laid out on the bed, you can start to make outfits for the weekend. Pack them by outfit so that when you arrive you aren't thinking, "why did I bring THIS again??" Pull out some red or coral lipstick, add it to your bag, and you're all set! Extra credit for adding B&W underwear to the mix.

Packing By Theme Means Bringing Fewer Shoes!

Now, I'm all for bringing as many-or as few-shoes as you want. But, I hate to fill up a small weekend bag with shoes I am only going to wear once each. I'd much rather use that space for something else-like gluten free snacks! If you pack all in one color family, it's easier to match shoes with more than one outfit. The same goes for scarves, blazers, accessories, jewelry, and makeup! If you're just working off one color palette, then it's much easier to bring things that can be worn more than once. 

For example, the sparkly necklace with the blazer/shorts could easily be worn with a fancier dress to the wedding or rehearsal dinner the night before-or with the jeans and tank look on the upper right for a more casual part of the trip.

Packing by Theme Encourages Wearing Things You Don't Usually Wear!

For example, this dress. It's a little bit weird-the sleeves are sort of Cinderella-ish for my liking, and the  bubble slit probably makes it a bit awkward to wear.  If I were looking at this in my closet, I would never consider it.

However, as part of a themed bag, this dress becomes a lot more appealing. What about adding a fun belt, like above, that you also never wear? What if the theme were greens & blues & belts? Opening up a bag like this in Charleston would help me feel more adventurous. And really, what better time to try things out than in a city you don't live in?

I usually pack an extra day's outfit, too, because sometimes I don't end up feeling like trying the weird Cinderella dress after all, or it rains on me or something. The easy thing about packing by theme is that you can mix and match things: if you realize that your bra doesn't work with the white t-shirt you brought for the trip home, the striped shirt you already wore can easily go under the blue blazer you had planned.

I hope this helps! I'm looking forward to our virtual closet consultation to narrow in on an outfit for the actual wedding part of this trip!


  1. LOVE THIS! You are so creative! Can't wait to try this on my next trip! Thanks Lady!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Let me know how it turns out!