Shop Your Closet

Shop Your Closet

Teaching clients how to shop their closets is most of what I do with personal styling clients. While I think there's a time and place to go shopping, I have found that many women already own clothing. They must, right? Unless we leave the house naked, most of us have something. We're just not always sure how to wear it. Or we wear it the same way, every time. Or we want to wear things but we're not sure we can pull it off. That's where I come in to not only style the clothing that you have already but to teach you how to shop your own closet for the rest of your life. 

While I'm on my way to a client's house or dialing up a virtual client's number to video chat, I feel like a matchmaker. What she doesn't know is that in a span of a few hours, my client is going to fall back in love with the clothing that she already owns. It's a little like being a fairy godmother; it's a lot like watching someone fall in love. 

This time together always consists of me asking clients what she'd like to wear, whether she owns it or not. Then, we talk about her lifestyle and her needs. Most women are going through some sort of a transition when they call me, whether it's simply from one season to another or going back to work after having a baby or starting a new job or relationship or having lost or gained weight. Some women are just frustrated by wearing the same things the same way day in and day out. 

Our time together consists of the client trying on new combinations of clothing, shoes, and often accessories. I give suggestions on fit and colors and mixing patterns that feel right for each client's body, lifestyle, and preferences. We take pictures so that she'll remember because the time goes fast. We might makes notes about filling any gaps she has so that she remembers the next time she's shopping or if she asks me to take her shopping, too.

Sharen found bright, casual options in her closet that I helped her mix together to go beyond basics

I asked one client what she was most excited about that came out of our time together. She said 
The noticeable difference in my styling. But more exciting to me is that dressing my body to reflect my personality, and dressing it with properly fitted clothing gives me confidence and makes clothes even more fun. I am an exciting, interesting person that loves life and collecting and vintage and textures, and I was not showing that to the world through my wardrobe!  I believe this session was life changing.

Here are just a few more of the nearly 100 women I have helped to shop their own closets and to show themselves to the world. For more personal styling sessions, keep reading my blog.

Shopping Jen's closet unleashed her inner rockstar
Virtual client Sandy shopped her closet with me and discovered that she loves denim on denim

Melissa rediscovered pieces that she could wear more casually than she thought
Virtual client Lynne learned some key lessons about fit and proportion that made her light up

Liz got help shopping her closet for work appropriate holiday outfits

Petite client Lauren learned how to wear layers and up her sophistication
Busy mother of three Debbi re-discovered new life in the clothes she had from when she worked full time