Thursday, November 13, 2014

LL Bean? Is That You?

LL Bean? Is That You?

Love this Grandpa-look striped number

I won't say that we grew up buying things at LL Bean because it was too expensive for us. But, my aunt always had their catalogue, and the preppier New Englanders I knew loved it. Along with hiking boots and "boat shoes." I never knew what those were, but they seemed fancy. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I went to our local LL Bean store in search of fleece lined tights, SmartWool tights, SmartWool socks, or maybe even a sweater or two. My office is so freezing that I've taken up some of the old Vermonter tricks for staying warm. What I expected to see, and did see, were what I called lumpy sweaters. Like this. Who looks good in this style? No one, that is who! Those 379 reviewers are wrong. It's lumpy on the hanger! 

But what I also saw were...could it be...cute sweaters? Adorable dresses? Stylish sweaters, dresses, and shirts in high quality wool and cotton that I'd recommend to my clients and readers? Yup. I saw 'em. They're there. Here's the deal: look at the "Signature fits" not the "Classic fits," and do not, DO NOT, dismiss anything based on the first image. LL Bean's website pictures look crazy and bad in the shots without people wearing them so please look at the other images with women wearing each thing.

Colorblock Sweater
This raglan colorblock sweater was adorable. I'd go a size up from your usual.
 If you're looking for basics, I also loved this classic fisherman's sweater, this merino crewneck, this merino cardigan, and mayyybe this waffle crewneck, but the mid section looks a little lumpy so it would have to hit you just right.  But I love the styling on each of these! Very copiable looks here, especially the sleeves peaking out on that waffle crewneck look. That's exactly how I'm wearing my sweaters and shirts lately, very Zoe on House of Cards.

I also couldn't walk by these dresses and shirts without snapping iphone pictures for you. They're not cheap, but the thing with LL Bean is the quality is good. And they take anything back-ever.

Belt it over the wide part or else pull it up so it slouches over?

The gorgeous plaid above is lightweight enough for warmer climates or to be tucked into a skirt or pants or worn under a sweater. I also loved this chambray plaid and this lightweight flannel.

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Also, read the comments. LL Beaners are very brand loyal so they know the ins and outs of sizing. LL Bean tends to have real sizing-not "vanity sizing." Rely on what the commenters say so you don't have to return for a new size.

Oh! You want to know what I have purchased from LL Bean before this last visit? Slippers. Because they have the best slippers ever. Add them to your list for Santa.

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