Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My November Happiness Project

My November Happiness Project

Hi guys! I'm back! And...so, um, yeah. About October...I guess I just didn't make a happiness project list. October, frankly, blew by. What did I do well during October? I traveled light. I traveled a lot, and it gave me great pride to bring only a carry on most places. As we live the life of married couple sans children right now, it's fun to play the game of how little stuff can I bring since I know all that will change when/if we are lucky enough to have a child traveling with us. I said yes, this was an extension of September, but it was about saying yes to going to things instead of going home and being cozy. This led to a busy month-and lots of fun! On flip side, I also did a good job of setting boundaries. This is something I work toward every day of my life, and in September and October I continued to build some boundaries at work that I had laid early on in the fall. I'm now reaping the rewards of those boundaries and so happy that I followed my heart! 

Joy incarnate, my dog Jaxon

Now on to November. Here are the things on my mind as this month begins:

November, and fall, always seem to me to be about endings, and this year more than most. November, then, can be the death of all things that no longer serve us. For me, this will mean:
  • Removing myself from all negative sources of information-especially images. This includes unfollowing blogs, Instagram accounts, and email mailing lists that feature too many skinny women, too much focus on the material or the things that they want me to believe that I need. Gone. 
  • Enjoy things that are inherently November. This includes preparation for Christmas in the form of cleaning my studio and setting it up to make gifts, bringing the dogs outside as much as possible while they enjoy the cooler weather, and starting to make and freeze secret food gifts to leave on neighbors' doors during December. Shh!
  • No sugar, no grains, no alcohol. I started this in October, and my body really liked it. Except that I didn't stick with it all month, and I'd like to this month.
What about you? 

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