Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Pack for Five Days in Mexico in a Carry On

How to Pack for Five Days in Mexico in a Carry On

I took very few pictures while we were in Mexico because I wanted to get away from my phone, I didn't bring our nice camera, and I wanted to just enjoy being there. But, I did snap a few mirror shots for you to give you a sense of what I wore, in case you were curious. And here's my original packing list, which I cut down by a lot.

I anticipated buying several things I had my eyes on that I did not end up finding there. To prepare for that, I brought a small rolling suitcase and made sure that everything I brought could fit in my carry on on the way home. Here's what I packed:

(1) wrap for the planes and to wear over dresses (brown and black) and (1) big scarf for the same reason and as a saraong (black and coral, could have done without)
(2) fancier dresses that were still cotton (black and white, orange. I only wore one, could have done without)
(2) maxi dresses (black)
(1) maxi skirt (black)
(3) tshirts (gray, white, black) 
(1) cardigan (black and white polka dots. Never wore it.) 
(2) bathing suit tops, (3) bathing suit bottoms (black bikini, black/white polka dot bikini bottom, black tankini top, white bikini bottom, all interchangeable)
(1) pair of leggings for the plane rides
Vitamins, toiletries, colorful jewelry, bright lipstick in two shades, sneakers (could have done without), sandals, and clogs (could have done without but was nice to wear on the plane for a little warmth).  
And the most important thing I wore the whole time? These soft babies. Hysterically, my husband and I realized we were wearing the ones intended for the other person only after he saw how big "mine" were on me!

That's it! I just looked at my favorite things I wanted to wear (cozy, soft, cotton), and worked them into the days we had, then cut it in half. I noticed I was choosing a lot of black and white and orange so I decided to make that my theme and brought orange and blue bright, beachy necklaces.

Do you have any great travel tips? My other one is to roll your clothes in your suitcase so they get less wrinkled and you can fit more.


  1. Hi Ella

    I used your idea of theme packing when I went to the beach earlier this year. It was great. I still took more things than I needed but everything went together and it somehow made the holiday a bit more special. Is that crazy? British seaside so I went with pale blues and greens with some dark denim for practicality.

    1. That's great, Victoria! I feel the same way-it makes the packing more fun and the vacation more relaxed and cohesive. I love the colors you chose, too! How gorgeous! Send me some pictures!

  2. Erm, there's one of me running into the spray caused by the storm hitting the dock but I don't think it's a good look ;-) actually, it's a good look in that I was having great fun, it just doesn't show the wardrobe choices well!

    ps, I just read your comment on Marion's blog (that sounds much more stalky written down than it did in my head), and just wanted to write that I like coming to read your blog. You feel very real when you write and I can imagine having a giggle with you over the changing room wall. Keep it up!

    1. You made me giggle twice in one comment! I know what you mean about the stalkerish I have been there, too! Very funny. -from over the changing room wall (a GREAT blog name btw!)