Closet Cleanse

Step One: Closet Cleanse

I tend to work with two types of clients: one loves to shop but can't find what she wants to wear in her closet. The other hates to shop and wears things that she doesn't love. Both types of clients benefit from a closet cleanse.

Here's what a client said while I did a closet cleanse with her:

That looks better on me than I thought.

I didn't really believe I could pull it off but loved it-just needed the vote of confidence

Oh I forgot about that!

I didn't think I had anything to go with that (but you showed me that I did)!

Whether I come to your home to do a closet cleanse or you tackle it on your own, I'm here to guide you through stocking your closet only with pieces that you love and that speak to you and donating or storing the rest. That's right, a closet that fits you. Not to a future you or a possible you or a past you--to you. Right now. Today. 

No matter what your closet looks like now, after time with me, it will feel and look more organized and more full of clothing that you love.

One client wrote about our virtual session with her mother that

As soon as we began the styling session, we noticed the closet needed more organization. It wasn't a mess by any means but it needed to be more a functional space. Ella suggested we group shirts, pants, skirts and dresses all by color. It immediately made a big impact because the clothes were much easier to access.

Here are posts with some of my best tips for doing a closet cleanse. If you want all my tips and the chance to follow back in love with the clothes you already own, contact me. Depending on your closet, a closet cleanse can be the first hour of a longer session with me or take up a full session by itself. 

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