Monday, September 9, 2013

How to do a Closet Cleanse: Part II

How to do a Closet Cleanse: Part II

I'm so excited to talk with you about how to organize your closet! I got to spend some time with the creative genius behind Love Always Hannah this weekend, and, as always, the world will never be the same. At least her closet won't be, that's for sure! Her closet started off like this:

(check out that Wear White After Labor Day outfit we created on Skype the other night for her hanging on the left!
And after about an hour of checking to be sure that only items that fit her and didn't need repairs were allowed back into the closet and of hanging outfits together on hangers and sorting sorting sorting...

We ended up with this-a color-coordinated, rainbow-hued, approachable closet with space to move hangers and to breathe. Phew!

I think she was pleased. This is our actual Gchat conversation about it:
Me: Thanks for taking closet pictures!
Hannah: Are you kidding me? You changed my life in a morning! Let me know if you want a quote or something.
I think that will do just fine!

Here are two tips:

  • Use all one color (preferably white or those black fuzzy ones) hangers. It makes the closet look more cohesive, more like a store. Since we're trained to like the way clothes look in stores, it helps our brains to be more excited about our closets when they're organized. That means more fun in your closet!
  • Organize your clothes in a way that works for you. I like rainbow because I wear too much black, and it helps me to realize how many other colors I do have. I put all of her black up top in her closet because it's an easy color to use and doesn't need to be highlighted. She knows it's there to grab if she wants it. Having colors coordinated helps you to dress effortlessly in monochrome as well as to mix colors and patterns in new ways.
If you'd like more tips, you'll have to have me over to your closet! We'll get you ready for fall fashion in no time!

P.S. I'm pretty intrigued by this company, Twice, that lets you Buy and Sell used clothing. Has anyone used it before?


  1. I can't ever thank you enough for all your help this weekend! Seriously excited to play in my closet now! You're a lifesaver! XOXO