Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Transitioning to Fall Fashion

Weekly Roundup: Transitioning to Fall Fashion

Here's the deal: I like fall just fine. The problem is, I really dislike winter. I am, as my husband pointed out the other day, one of the few people who likes to be hot. While everyone spends the summer complaining about the heat, I am happy as can be. So no, I'm not thrilled with fall sneaking up on us because it's a slippery slope to winter, which means constantly being freezing. I grew up in Vermont-I know about cold!

However, one great thing about fall is the fashion. I have turned my cold hands and feet into the perfect excuse to own far too many hats, jackets, scarves, gloves, and boots. And today's post is a celebration of one of them: jackets, blazers, and coats in lots of sizes, all mixed together, all on sale. Let's not go too crazy here and talk about real winter gear, just something you could put on soon-over your cropped pants, maxi dresses, or other remnants of summer. Sigh.

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Size XL only

This blue faux leather is just gorgeous. Wear it (or something like it that you already own!) over a maxi dress for a little feminine edge or with a similar color jeans as a nod to Fall 2013's blue-on-blue obsession. 

Sizes 2-6

I have a similar jacket from The Loft, and it's become one of the most versatile things I own. Wear this over contrasting colors, over blues, or with summer's stripes in similar tones. Add some coral lips now and deep burgundy lips in another month. You won't regret it.

Size 8 only

Oh, size eights! Everyone else wised up to this little number and scooped it up! Now it's on sale and calling your name. This is a great office item because it goes over everything (wear it with this winter's pastels), looks insanely comfortable, and still manages to look polished. It's basically the trifecta of sweater/jacket/tops. 

Size 12 only

If I had a size 12 client right now, I would purchase these for her and insist that she take them and wear them. They're that good-and on sale. Now I feel like a drug pusher, but seriously, these are just gorgeous. The military buttons on the left are both trendy and classic. I've actually been meaning to update a jacket I already have (boring black blazer) with a whole bunch of buttons in a little DIY action. And the fur shoulders to the right? They made me break my promise not to get too far into winter, but they were worth it! I love how she's wearing all neutrals and a skirt that's just a hair longer than the jacket to really let it shine.


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