Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Virtual Personal Shopping: Corrine

Virtual Personal Shopping: Corrine

Last weekend I had the joy of connecting with a long-lost friend, Corrine. She recently finished up school and is a social worker, which means that she needs outfits that feel comfortable and professional, but not too stuffy. She needs to be able to sit on the floor with kids in the morning and grab a bite to eat with her partner in the evening, all while staying warm in the Vermont fall and winter.

She has a great sense of style and picks incredible items, especially shoes and scarves! A woman after my own (scarf-covered) heart. However, like so many of us, she has been feeling stuck in a rut: she wears the same clothes together often and doesn't feel inspired when she gets dressed very early in the morning. Thanks, Corrine, for sending me all of these pictures!

If you're interested in working with me as your personal shopper or in having me re-do, re-fresh, and re-imagine your closet, now is the time to contact me because I will be starting to charge for my services in the next month. Book me now while I'm still building my portfolio! And no, you don't have to be on the blog.
Doesn't Corrine looks gorgeous in bright colors?

Personal Shopping

We got together on Google hangout the other night to talk about what she might want me to look for in a virtual shopping session for her, and we came up with some specific ideas for her that were budget-friendly, unique, and versatile enough to fit her professional/vibrant/casual look.

Here are some favorites. You can check the rest out here. 

Pencil bracelet via

Shop Your Closet

Of course, since her closet was right there looking me in the face, I couldn't help myself: we also had some fun shopping Corrine's closet.
I love that she's putting together variations on a theme with these green pants now!
I asked her to show me items that she typically wore just one way or that she wasn't sure how to wear but knew that she liked. Here are some of the outfits that we put together and some that she put together herself, inspired by our work together.

A lot of my clients have a hard time believing that wearing a belt outside of an item of clothing and without belt loops will look good, but doesn't it suit her perfectly? I had her put two skinny belts together with the cream skirt, and it's just such a funky way to add a little visual interest, right?

I love the looks on the right, Corrine! You have such fun, colorful clothes, and I love seeing you wear them all!

My Tip 

Corrine loves to wear maxi dresses and skirts in the summer, but summer doesn't last very long in Vermont. I love the idea of layering over a maxi to wear it into the fall and winter. 



It's perfect for really cold days when you want to wear as many layers as possible. She could have tights, leggings, fleece leggings, boots, or leg warmers under there-you'd never know! Adding a cozy infinity scarf that you knit yourself? Just the icing on the cake.