Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inspired By This Boho Look? See How I Break It Down!

Inspired By This Boho Look? See How I Break It Down!

The other night, I came across this beautiful image on Pinterest.
She looks carefree and beautiful, I thought. However, I would never wear this outfit, and I know many of you wouldn't, either. But I thought there were elements of it that we could re-create, likely with things we already own.

What about a dress that is similarly flow-y but maybe not so long? Garnet Hill's is very flattering with its high waistline. Also, for nursing mamas out there, this is an excellent choice.

Via Garnet Hill
Maybe you have a dress, like this blue dress by Torrid, that reads a bit young? I think this could lend itself to being funked up like my inspiration image.

The jacket in the inspiration shot is great, but too costume-y for my preference. What about a similarly striking jacket that's a bit more timeless and can be worn more often?

Via Asos
You could also add a jean vest for a similarly funky look as the inspiration picture.

Or what about bringing the blue into the top? I love a tank that you can wear a regular bra with, and Madewell's quality is excellent.

These shorts, also Madewell, would lend the funky element that the inspiration image has. These printed shorts would look amazing with solids and basics all summer long.

Old Navy has a fun print, too. You could go with a contrasting color with these ones, like a red or an orange or green, or stick with something simple and white for the slight gypsy feel of the inspiration shot like this incredible one from Free People. H&M has a more wearable version in their plus size line.

I have a similar pair of shorts, and I have lived in them in the hottest months of the summer because they don't stick to your waist or legs like a thicker fabric does. Forever 21 has a fun skirt that's similarly boho.

I'm starting to believe that spring is coming! It has to be, right?

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