Monday, March 17, 2014

Swimsuits-DON'T PANIC!

Swimsuits-DON'T PANIC!

This post is early because I've been thinking about swimsuits and because I want us all to relax. There are some good options out there. Trust me.

The other day, I was at Target trying on every maxi dress that they had so that you didn't have to and so I could choose my favorites for spring and summer. (If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should!) I love a one-piece outfit for the warm weather, don't you?

However, while I was there, I was horrified to check out the swimsuit section. It used to be that my best friend and I would flounce into Target in late spring and leave with bags full of bikinis. Lately, however, I find myself less and less interested in triangle tops and tie bottoms. Even if I find a bikini that holds my chest in during, you know, actual swimming, I find myself increasingly in pools full of children and families. I don't have children of my own, but I don't want to feel too revealed.

The Target selection, like many you might walk past, is skimpy. I'm not sure what the demographic is, but they seem to really favor strapless tops. Yeah, not for me!  I offer, for your review, a few more appropriate, but still stylish, alternatives.


This top is not cheap, but it's amazing. I purchased it in bubble gum pink a year plus ago when we went on a cruise directly after fertility treatments. I felt bloated and miserable and like I was pregnant, but I wasn't. Hence the miserable. This pink beauty was what got me into a bathing suit at all so I felt it was worth it! I just paired it with a variety of bottoms that I already had in complementary colors.

It's very flattering even for a larger bust; it's supportive, and it covers any and all stomach issues you might be feeling at the moment. The ruffles just flow away from your body in such a comfortable way! I will note, however, that the ruffles hit you in the face in the hot tub. It's a hard life...


This is a trend that I'm very excited about: rash guards. Ok, the name is gross and kind of sounds like something you'd buy at the pharmacy, but the concept is one that's been long due. Think of it as a swim shirt, like you'd wear if you went surfing. Then, get one in a classic pattern like a stripe and pair it with any sold bottom. The best ones are SPF 50 or above!

The one above from Athleta looks like it's not too clingy around the waist, which would be what I'd look out for. Interested in a tighter one that will likely stay put for more intensive sports? JCrew has a bunch, like this cute dot one.

Bra-Sized Tops

For a long time, I just assumed that swimsuits came in sizes like t-shirts. Then, I found that Victoria's Secret made bra-sized swimsuits. Then, I found that Victoria's Secret made incredibly padded swimsuits, and I was disillusioned. However, all is not lost! Some of the most athletic stores make the best bra-sized tops that will actually stay on and allow you to do things by or in the water like chase children, swim, or play volleyball. I am really intrigued this season by Athleta's Tara Halter Bikini, shown below. 

The comments and ratings from customers are really good, and they say key things like "secure" and "comfortable," which is key because I think a halter can be very hard on the neck with a bigger bust if the suit is not well made. One the other end of the spectrum and looking for a great suit for a smaller bust? Here's my pick for you!

Go Retro

What I've learned is that bathing suits used to be far more functional. A retro-styled suit can often provide support in a way that looks feminine at the same time. I love the thicker straps on this suit from Asos above. You can pair it with a high-waisted retro bottom if you want, but a more modern look would be to go with something like a boy short or other current fit.

Also, Asos says that beach pants are a thing. I'm not sure that they didn't just invent them, but I'm in! I'd love to wear these to the pool or in the early morning at the beach when it's still a bit too chilly.

I love the combination of the retro top with the 80s-inspired "beach pants." Very modern, indeed.

So that's my take on adult swimwear. I know that I've left out some things that might be of interest, like covering up more on the bottom or petite options so please leave a comment if you have a specific need that you'd like me to address. Happy to do so!


  1. First off, thank you for your consideration of going a more modest route when at the pool with other families and kids! I appreciate that :) Second, I have to give Land's End swimwear a shoutout. I find it the most well-wearing, long-lasting stuff out there. We are moving to Hawaii in a couple weeks (military) and I just ordered a huuuuge swimsuit order for our whole family. Also, for women, they have (cute) suits with underwires, they have a lot of rash guard choices, swim shorts, even cute swim camis to go over bikini tops. Everything is made to last, I love it! I ordered my first Land's End suit last year and have literally never felt comfortable in a bathing suit until then. Love your site, I'm a newer reader :)

    1. YES! Thank you for the reminder, Nikki! I once had a tankini from Lands End (via Sears), and I loved it so much that I wore it completely out! Lands End is a great tip. Thanks again and welcome to my blog!

  2. Great tip on Asos for swimwear! they have a whole "bra sized" category, which is just great.

    1. Glad you liked them, Rose! I noticed that on the side, too! You can search by bra size. This is my favorite of the moment:

  3. Tops usually aren't my problem... it's the bottoms I have a hard time with. I don't want my rear hanging out :) so I usually wear shorts over my suit.

    1. Good idea, Cecilia! I saw that Lands End has some nice swim shorts and also skirts that look like they'd be good at covering up the rear a bit! :)