Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Shirt, Three Ways

One Shirt, Three Ways

Last week (or was it the week before?) I took a trip to Target, likely for something completely unrelated to clothing, but of course my eyes started wandering. And I spotted these two blouses. I love the bikes, especially!

Since I'm considering buying it, I thought through how I'd wear it.

With Bright Blue

What about with a bright blue? Blue, a contrasting color from the pink/orange of the bikes, is a natural fit for this top. I love these bright chinos from Old Navy because they're a similar deep tone as the bikes. 

For now, you could wear them with low boots like the model, or you could try flats, slip on sneakers, or even sandals when the weather warms up. I think she has them rolled just a bit too high for cold weather, but in the spring you could wear them just as high. The goal is to show off the ankle bone or higher. Simply Be has a great selection of pencil skirts in bright blues, too.

You could add a blue necklace, but I'd go with a different color blue so that it doesn't feel too matchy-matchy. This one is pretty, or you could pull in some orange (same color family with pink, remember!) like this beauty.

Tucked into Something Green

Speaking of opposite sides of the color wheel, what about green? I'd love the bike shirt with a bright green. Is there anything that screams spring more than this green pencil skirt? I don't think so.

For now, layer on a neutral sweater or blazer on top, and for the spring try a bright orange flat or brogue. I'd love to layer on some more green, maybe something like this beautiful necklace!

With Neutrals

How about with white jeans? (Kohls has some great pairs, too). In the summer, it would be cute to go really preppy and roll them up with these top siders, but I'm also partial to these incredible mocs, both from Zappos.

Maybe top this preppy, boyish look with bright lipstick?

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