Thursday, March 13, 2014

Personal Styling with Debbi

Personal Styling with Debbi

"Without a doubt, this was the best thing I've done for myself since becoming a mom."

Can you believe that's what she said?! What a doll! And let me tell you, Debbi is so much fun to hang out with! We had a ball together trying on a million outfits so this is going to be a picture heavy post! I want to pause for a minute and talk about the picture above.

I paired the sweater with the round necklace because I love to echo a pattern in clothing with the same shape in jewelry. The necklace is close enough to her neck that she might be able to wear it around her twins, too!

For days when she's going into the office, lunching with clients, or even on video from home, we put together some business casual styles that she can also throw in the wash. We ignored everything that was dry clean only and focused only on clothing that was versatile and washable.

Then, we layered up some polished casual looks made up entirely of ready-to-wash fabrics so she can wear them during the work day and with her kids!

I love her in those bright reds, blues, patterns, and leopard, and we also loved her in as many neutrals as we could find! 

For a casual night out without the kids, I tried her in a white blazer from her office days with a soft, casual baseball tee and pants. I would love this with an orangey-red lipstick.

And we also played with some casual, around-the-house outfits! The bottom outfit even features her teething-friendly necklace while the top outfit includes leggings and that same baseball tee.

Here's what Debbi thought about our session together:

"I always felt like I had tons of clothes but nothing to wear.  I always admired how other people played with color and looked so polished, but never felt that I could manage to get my act together to do it. After I became a mom, add in my complete lack of time to even care. ;)
My twins arrival really rocked my world in every imaginable way, and my ENTIRE life changed. I went from managing a team of 11 and a multi-million dollar business to being a spit up rag who never left my house. Now that I'm working from home, it was a good impetus for me to get my act together, fully accept my new  life and start feeling like a whole human again.
Our time together was SO wonderful and I learned so much in such a short time. I feel so much better getting dressed each day and my husband has complimented me every day too!
Without a doubt, this was the best thing I've done for myself since becoming a mom."

Thank you, Debbi! And thanks to Tahira and Rose for their guest posts this week! I love looking into the closets and lives of other women, don't you? Next week I have a favorite friend writing about shopping when you're tall. Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh I missed this post! I love how polished she looks yet not overdone. Great stylin'!