Sunday, March 9, 2014

Personal Styling and Shopping for Danae

Personal Styling and Shopping for Danae

What a week, guys! Thank you for bearing with me as my posts got fewer and fewer! Last week my husband and I went to visit family in South Carolina, and we got snowed in there. A dear friend of mine was in early labor before we left, and I was honored to be asked to be with her and her husband during the birth of her son, too! He was born on Friday afternoon. Last night I slept for 13 hours, and I'm planning to do the same tonight, Saturday. To say that I'm exhausted is putting it mildly, and I'm not even the one who had the baby! I have so much admiration for every mother. It was an incredible experience.

This week, I've got new clients to show off and even a guest poster-or two! So let's get started with Danae! Danae is a new mom who wrote to me looking for a fresh look at her clothes. We talked a lot about how to maintain her modesty guidelines while also feeling fresh and young. The style we found that she liked was layered, colorful, and just beautiful!

Here are a few early looks from her closet. Later on, we went shopping, but I didn't snap any pictures for you. Sorry! We got caught up!

Here, I laid out two outfits using contrasting colors: pink and blue on the left and pink and green on the right. I loved how the pink brightened up Danae's face!

Here, we layered two patterns! She was nervous about it at first but realized that the blue reads as a solid in many ways. Since she'd be comfortable with this plaid and blue jeans, why not with the blue cardigan?

And, you know me, I had to get her in something outside of her norm-something that would make her give me THIS face!

Here's what Danae had to say about our time together!

"In less than three hours, I had a completely new outlook on my wardrobe!  For weeks, maybe even months, I had been wanting to go buy something new, but I waited in anticipation for this styling session.  Ella showed me that I didn't need to go buy that much!  I couldn't believe the outfits she put together!  She helped me get rid of all my "old rules" and learn new ones that actually make sense!  It's interesting and kind of sad how we make false conclusions about ourselves and our bodies.  Ella is so supportive and honest, while at the same time so fun!  In addition to showing me how to enhance my styling techniques, she helped me see myself in a better and truer light.  It was totally worth it, and I do not doubt that I will have her coach me again in the future. Thank you so much Ella!"

Aww! I have the best clients. Thank YOU, Danae!!

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