Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Full Midi Skirts

In Love with Full Midi Skirts

Maria On Point via
This is going to be a fun week around here! I'll be featuring other blogs and bloggers I love and hopefully introducing you to some new women you'd love to follow!

I was TICKLED (thanks for the edit, Sarah!) to see that Maria on Point was featured in The Washingtonian's article on full midi skirts! She writes a blog about style in three languages, and I love her bright, feminine approach to dressing. She has a timeless way of dressing that I think appeals to women of lots of ages. Check her out!

Oh-and Maria doesn't know I'm in love with her blog. But if you read this, hi Maria!


  1. This says that you were ticked to see Maria on the Washingtonian. You were tickled, right? Not ticked? :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I sure was tickled, and not ticked!!

  2. I normally hate skirts like this, because they always fit me funny. But I loved this one that I bought last year!