Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Tip for Looking More Polished

Quick Tip for Looking More Polished

Wear accessories that mirror something in your outfit. Instead of focusing on "matching," pick a piece that has a similar element. Above, I find the blue repetition to be a bit too much, but I love how the long, flowing necklace feels just like the long, flowing dress.

This is why I love a maxi dress or skirt with a long necklace. I think the eye just reads it as more cohesive, more intentional. 

Today, I'm wearing pearl earrings to echo the polka dots in my shirt. It's small, but I work in an office that tends toward the conservative dressing side.  You might do this with a polka dot piece of clothing that you have and a necklace that has round stones on it or even by wrapping Heidi braids around your head in a circle.

Forgive the awful yellow lighting! Don't worry, Mom, I'm not that sallow looking!

For a more bold approach, try something like this!

One way to think about putting together an outfit like this is to pair wild things. She has a truly wild necklace there, and she went for it. She paired it with a wild print cardigan, which she buttoned up to pretend that it's a sweater. She then really went for it with a wild, bright color on the bottom. I'm hoping they're amazing yellow pants, but it might be a fun yellow skirt.

To replicate this, pick your most out-there piece of jewelry or other accessory. Then, look around for something else that's really bold to put with it.

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