Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Virtual Clients

Virtual Clients-and a Giveaway of My Own!

I had two fantastic virtual styling sessions this weekend, and I cannot say enough about these two women! The first was GMarie from GMarie Sews. She's a super creative woman who sews a lot of her own clothes; she loves dresses and skirts and is not afraid of pattern and color. I LOVED working with her! Here's a picture of an outfit that she put together based on our styling session.

She wrote about embracing her shape and her inner Joan Holloway. Looking at this picture, I see many of the things we talked about: three interesting pieces (belt, dots, scarf-wait, four! booties!), accentuating the narrowest part of her body with a belt, and using color to draw the eye up to her face. I love this! Check out her blog for more pictures and thoughts as well as sewing tips and tricks.

My second virtual client of the weekend was Jennifer of The Old Painted Cottage. Since we had a virtual session, I don't have any images of her, but we had the best time! I hope she writes about it, and I will update you if she does, but we talked a lot about how she could show her creativity more in her clothing and about thinking of clothing as less of a uniform and more of a way to express herself. I knew that she'd had fun, too, when she texted me later, writing "You've created a monster!"  She's going to be helping me with some home decor design, including coming up with something beautiful for my virtual clients to look at behind my head when I'm sitting in my studio! I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

In honor of the New Year and these two new clients, the first person who emails me today requesting a virtual session will receive 1.5 hours of online styling with me for FREE. GO! Startclosein at


  1. Gaylen looks amazing!!!!! I'm so happy she got in touch with you ! Bravo!

  2. She looks great! I'm so looking forward to my session...hurry up April! :)