Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Party Weekend Sneak Peek

Winter Party Weekend Sneak Peek

Thank you for still reading. Honestly, there has been so much going on (all good! all great!) in my life lately that my little blog here has not been getting the attention that I want to be giving it. If you're still reading-thank you! 

My last weekends have included: throwing a vintage circus-themed baby shower for one of my closest friends, attending a wedding party celebration for two of my best friends (marrying each other), and then this weekend helping the baby shower friend get ready for said baby, doing styling sessions with two different friends, and re-arranging our house. Phew! 

But it's all so good; it's all what life is about, really. And here is a snapshot of many of my best friends in the world, together, in one place, under the roof of an incredible building in the middle of the woods on the day that none of us will ever forget. I'm so thankful to the college that brought us all together all those years ago!

And the night before, sharing in the loveliness of my new Bobbi Brown matte lipstick in a bathroom three-way selfie!

I even got my nails painted for the event!

And I tried on many shoes-and decided on these for the night before (with the jacket and lips shown above). I rarely wear high heels anymore so decided to go big or go home.

More to come soon!

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  1. I liked them all on Facebook weeks ago, but these photos from Sarah's wedding are just amazing. I cannot believe how gorgeous you all look in that one with the shovels. Really just a great capture. love love love