Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nicer T-Shirts?

Nicer T-Shirts?

So after yesterday's virtual shopping at Old Navy, Liz emailed me to ask about higher-end t-shirts that will last a bit longer. I have a few ideas!

What about a linen t-shirt like this one?

Or this? I love a tank like this that you can wear a bra with. This is semi-sheer so you might also need a tank underneath it?


A good linen will set you back $40-50, but it will get softer with each wash and last for a long time. Might be a good purchase if you're interested in one or two great t-shirst that you'll layer and change up from spring to summer. Some ideas would be wearing one with a striped pencil skirt, tucking on into a floral skirt, layering under a jacket, or tying or belting over a maxi dress.

Of course, I also love a good jersey. Here's one that combines my love of soft fabric with stripes.

Not into spending that much money on a t-shirt? You don't need to spend a lot if you go with jersey. Try H&M to see if you like the feel and wear of their shirts.


Have fun with it!


  1. I wear T shirts a lot! I've been trying to find nicer ones (not tight, not teen, not see thru). Thanks for the tips!

    1. YES! It's amazingly difficult to avoid the 3Ts :)