Friday, February 27, 2015

Easy Weekend Style

Easy Weekend Style

Happy Friday afternoon! What are your plans for this weekend? Last weekend my husband and I went to sit for a few hours in a local coffee shop, eat food, read our books, and work on our computers. I was inspired by this outfit to create my own layered look, which ended up being perfect for the weird weather that we had. It had snowed a TON on Friday then, the was 48 degrees on Sunday. 

Playful Fashion

Playful Fashion

Happy Friday! Next week I'll be off to meet a personal shopping client to shop for accessories in downtown DC! She is another client's mom and is visiting from out of town. She sews all of her own clothes. I can't wait to meet her! 

But today I have something fun in store for you for this Friday. I tend to think about staples, classic pieces, and things you'll wear 1,000 different ways on this blog. But sometimes I want to share special pieces with you that I've come across. There is so much fun, light, playful fashion out there that I sometimes can't wait to share with you. Today is one of those days! 

Not every one of these unique pieces today is exactly my style, but I have loved the idea of something like this "harness" for years, and Free People currently has tons of them!

Ugh. I find this so sexy!

And on the more sweet end of the spectrum are these clogs; aren't they adorable?! 

I'm not even sure what this top is, but I love this Nasty Gal top. If you have a special event coming up, this should be what you wear. Or wear it with jeans. High-waisted if you don't want to show off your tummy. 

Now, ok, I never watched Saved By the Bell, but even I know a clothing reference when I see one. This Lane Bryant top is exactly what I want to wear out with my girlfriends. It's just fun. 

I know a lot of women who need a backpack to carry around all the stuff that we carry with us without killing our shoulders. This backpack is a little pricey, but I love it's playful look-and that it's made in Spain! Let's go there and buy one together, ok!?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

An Amazing Blazer Shape to Look For

An Amazing Blazer Shape to Look For

So last weekend I bought a blazer that is more expensive than any other I've ever bought. However, I love it. I'm so excited about it! The picture does not do it justice, you really have to see the fit in real life. I highly encourage you to seek out a blazer that has a defined waistline that's at your natural waist.

See how there's a seam horizontally at the natural waist and how, as a result, the waist flares out a bit? It's even more exaggerated in person, and it's so flattering and unique. Look for that in a blazer!

Also, this particular jacket zips instead of buttoning, which adds a little edge that I love. The fabric is ok, pretty consistent with Limited's quality. I will likely try to dry clean it not that often if I can get away with it.

I also liked this one a lot because, well, I'm obsessed with stripes. And with that cute cut in waist, which you can see on the back. See that horizontal seam there and how the bottom flares out? That' going to accentuate your waist and create that womanly hourglass I love so much.

I love the idea of either of these blazers with a white tshirt and dark skinny jeans, with a white bottom of any type, or with navy or red, or...ok, you can see why I love them. I do not, however, love those weird jeans they paired it with here! The waist is not flattering here. Someone give this model a belt!

Here are a few blazers I've found with this same flattering shape. You can search by terms like "peplum blazer" or "flared blazer," too. Halogen makes a traditional suit with one,  Asos makes a really casual no button blazer with a great cut, and Torrid makes a faux leather jacket with a ruffle peplum. They're out there! Just remember, look for a horizontal seam just below the middle of your back and a slight flaring out of the blazer below that.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring To-Do List

Spring To-Do List

I have a list for you. No, no! Don't worry-this is not a list that should add any stress to your life! It should only spark some thoughts and possibly some excitement. I'd love for us all to take some time in this in-between period while winter fades away (hopefully! Right?) and spring starts to show her beautiful face to contemplate how we'd like the world to see us and how we'd like to feel in our bodies this spring. 

Here is some spring food for thought.

1. Get a fresh haircut. 

You know that feeling when you broke up with a boyfriend or girlfriend and chopped your hair all off? I did it a few years ago after stopping working with a terrible boss. It felt amazing. I'd love for you to think about losing a few inches of hair this spring. If you want some inspiration, my Head board on Pinterest is one of my most popular boards and is worth checking out!

2. Buy (or wear) something different from your usual. 

I tend toward a steady diet of all black, white, and/or gray. I'm thinking some pastels would be a good change for me this spring! If you tend to borrow inspiration from the guys, what about trying something soft and flowing (like the top above) instead? 

3. Learn how to do something new. 

I'm not just talking about facing challenges and making an impact in the world. I'd also love you to take time for silly, sweet things that will make you smile. Like making pretty shapes in your hair or any of these 29 hair hacks, or doing an at-home face mask.  

4. Embrace your own sex appeal. 

Work your hair, your legs (or both, like above), your brain, your creativity, or whatever it is you have working for ya. Feeling low about yourself? Ask your friends-what makes me beautiful to you? Then spend some time flaunting that-were they right? I bet they were. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Jumpsuit Monday!

Jumpsuit Monday!

Lately I've been really excited about jumpsuits, which is actually what led to my realization that I needed better shoes last week. I have a few jumpsuits, and I really think I can wear at least one to work. 

What I like about a jumpsuit is that it's like a dress: it's an all-in-one outfit. Whatever you call it (jumpsuit, jumper, one piece, romper), it's perfect. Put on one, and you're ready to go with very little fuss. It might seem counter-intuitive, but this is actually perfect for you tshirt-and-jeans women out there. Just like a tshirt and jeans feels easy to throw on, so will a jumpsuit. 

Bear with me.

This might be the perfect jumpsuit. I'd wear it with flats with a little point if I had them. Also good with wedges and sandals. Basically, she looks like she's wearing a great pair of pants and a shirt, but it's so much cooler than that. This red one was amazing, too, but it sold out. As did this gorgeous printed top one, but I'm including it because you need to replicate it if you can!


I love the idea of adding a bright shoe to a jumpsuit for work or a date!


I love this and would wear it now with wedge ankle boots and a blazer on top. Then with sandals and a light cardigan in the summer to the office. Here's a similar style in all black that would be great for a larger chest than this model has, and here's a curve size one that's on sale!

A jumpsuit is an easy trend to incorporate into pieces you already have, like neutrals or blazers. Here's a gorgeous example of how that might look. 

And just wait until I show off some of the summer playsuits that I found for us. They're divine. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Are You There, Flats? It's Me, Sensitive Feet

Are You There, Flats? It's Me, Sensitive Feet

Softwalk, might be my favorites

Let me know when you tire of hearing about my shoe tribulations, ok? If you're already over it, tune in tomorrow for something else! 
Still here? Great. Because I need some flat shoes for spring that won't kill my feet and hurt my back, but I'm not willing to wear ugly shoes. I just believe there is a compromise! I found it for fall shoes and winter boots, but I need to believe that the time for boots is waning, and I'm interested in moving beyond the 2 pair of clogs that got me through the fall months. 

Dankso, runs big
I'm posting this here today because I imagine there are others out there looking for a great pair of supportive flats that aren't depressing or a million dollars, and boy did it take me a long time to find them! 

Softwalk, good for a narrow foot
I can't speak to how they worked yet because I haven't ordered any, but the shoes in this post are what I found that I like so far. 

Nosox, cute casual
Reef, cute sneaker alternative

Merrell, so sporty
And they're not flats, but I do tend to do well with wedges so I'll include them in case you do, too. They're just too cute not to include. 

Earth Manza

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Want You to Wear for Spring 2015

What I Want You to Wear for Spring 2015


To Work

Grab yourself a new dress, why don't ya? Or pull out the ones you already have! It's time. Spring loves dresses, especially dresses with patterns and dresses with sleeves that you can wear now and when it's almost summer and the AC is blasting in your office.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 Bathing Suit Trends: Cover Ups for All Shapes and Sizes

2015 Bathing Suit Trends: Cover Ups for All Shapes and Sizes

Via Title Nine

In my teens and 20s, the idea of a cover up never occurred to me. What else would you need by the pool or at the beach but a towel? Now, in my 30s, I love a good cover up. Not just because my life tends to lend itself more to going from one activity to the next, and not just because I'm more concerned about sun exposure (which I am), but also because I've realized how stylish they are. They're what makes an ok swimsuit feel special. 

Here are some of my favorites for you to consider!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 Bathing Suit Trends: Petite Picks

2015 Bathing Suit Trends: Petite Picks

Via Land's End

Hi guys! I'm back. It was a nice long weekend spent with friends and my husband, and we're anticipating a possible snow day on Tuesday, too! But my brain is still looking forward to warm weather, and I have a few more swimsuit picks for you! Last week I had picks for trendy swimsuits and for curvy, plus size figures. Here are my favorites for petite frames.

One Piece Magic

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Favorite Plus Size Bathing Suits for 2015

My Favorite Plus Size Bathing Suits for 2015

The retro styling! The stripes! The high waist!

I work with several clients who identify as wearing plus size or curve size clothing. I try to be careful not to separate styles into sizes because I truly believe that most styles work regardless of your age, height, weight, etc. However, I am sensitive to the fact that many women think carefully about swimwear and how it fits because it's so vulnerable to be nearly naked. 

For that reason, I'm spending a bit of time talking about curve sized swimwear today. That and there are so many great options! My recommendations for swimwear options in curve sizing are: Torrid, Swimsuits for All, some Asos, Macy's, and ModCloth.

First, Swimsuits for All. You must check these out, especially the Gabi Fresh line! They're incredible, sexy, and look supportive in all the right places. I adore them. Here's a look at them on Gabi Fresh herself.

The patterns! I can't get enough of that green print! And I love the high waists on these two piece suits, don't you? 


So, if you like the flattering cut of a high waist but don't want to show off your midriff every single time you wear a swimsuit,

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dairy and Acne: What Has Worked For Me

Dairy and Acne: What Has Worked For Me

Recently, I was deleting thousands of photos from my phone, and I came across some old ones that I had taken months ago. An example is on the left, contrasted with a more recent photo on the right.

I have mascara on in both but nothing else as far as makeup. I was taking the awkward up close ones because at the time I was getting cyclic acne on my chin every month before my period, but once I got to the dermatologist it would be another time of the month and it was gone. 

Ultimately, I decided to stop eating dairy since everything I was reading linked that part of the face to hormones---and dairy. I'm extremely lactose intolerant, but I had been eating dairy with Lactaid. I'm posting this in the hopes that you share it with anyone who might be helped by the difference it's made for me to stop consuming dairy. 

But more than that, I want to echo something I've said before: I hope that if there are things that feel like they won't ever change or get better in your life, things that might be keeping your head down or causing you to doubt your beautiful place in the world, this is my wish for you to know that nothing is forever. Time will pass, things can change to the extent that you hardly recognize yourself. I believe in you. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Bathing Suit Trends: When Did Bathing Suits Get So Cool?!

2015 bathing suit trends: when did bathing suits get so cool?!
First off, please do something. Can you please visit this buzzfeed article on models without makeup? Next, please look at this article on the worst photo shop of the year-and it's everywhere! And lastly, this photoshop video. I just find that when i look at lots of bathing suit pictures, it helps to keep in mind that these are not always accurate images of women, and their look should not impact how i feel about my body. Need more? Try 4th trimester bodies.

Ready? Ok, great. Bathing suits for 2015 are way cooler than for any other year that i can remember. It's been happening slowly, but this year it's notable across the board for bikinis, one pieces, cover ups, and everything in between.

In the spirit of being done with winter, i've decided to make this bathing suit week. So grab a fruity drink, crank up the heat, and let's pretend that we're poolside. I have so many fun swim ideas to share with you! 

Today, let's start with an overview of the trends. This week, i'll focus on my favorites for plus sizes and also give some ideas for petites since it can be tricky to find a great suit for curves as well as for a small frame. 

I have a few favorite stores for buying bathing suits in sizes 4-12/14. Later this week, i'll share my petite and curve size sources, too. 

1. Everything but water

this is not a cheap store. But here's what i realized a few years ago: i was buying many cheap swimsuits that i hated on me that didn't last. What was the point? It made much more sense for me to buy some more expensive, better fitting tops that supported my chest. Then, i bought bottoms at cheaper places and mixed and matched them with my tops. If you have more specific needs from a bottom of a suit, you might try the opposite.

That being said, ebw is my favorite place to shop for two piece and one pieces (like the trina turk above). They get what looks good on a woman's body, including ruching, support, a waist that hits higher up, etc.

And at ebw, you can even find suits that you can swim or surf in! And yes, they have cup sizing for

A New Official Favorite Lipstain

A New Official Favorite Lipstain

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I had the best weekend and can't wait to tell you more about it soon! But for now, it's all about my new love interest...

This is an update to a post that I wrote awhile ago when I decided to take some good advice that I've heard over and over again but wasn't quite ready to take: put products on your face that you could eat. Ok, so the real advice is only put things on your skin that you could eat, but I'm just not ready for that yet. I always felt like it had to be all or nothing, but I realized that's just silly. Something better for my skin would be better than nothing, right?

I started buying a few Tarte products, but I was about as optimistic about them as I have been in the past about natural deodorant, which is to say not at all. I've frequently purchased random skincare and makeup products at natural foods stores over the years, and I have found them to be just ok. These products are much better for my skin and my body, and they actually work very well.

In particular, I LOVE the matte lip stain. To the extent that I now own three of them...That's why I had to do a follow up post for you guys.

The color above is fiery, and I also love the Lively and Hope shades. Let me know if you try one and what you think! And nope, not a sponsored post. Still don't do those. Not that famous!

Friday, February 6, 2015

My Nordstrom Rack Picks

My Nordstrom Rack Picks

Happy Friday! I STILL can't believe that it's February. Can you?! My wardrobe is feeling distinctly wintery still...

Typically, when I run errands I also stop by stores to window shop for ideas for this blog and for my clients. I like to stay on top of what's out there, what's on sale, what's gone by. Sometimes, though, I end up shopping for myself. Recently, I went to Nordstrom Rack and did just that. Here are the things that I loved for myself-and I even got a few of them! 

The Rack has a lot of interesting scarves, and I loved the rust colored infinity scarf above. As you can see, I showed up in all black with a pop of color (below). I love neutrals with brights here and there.

One of the things I've noticed about Nordstrom Rack, Off Fifth, and other discount versions of higher-end stores is that they're the place to get cashmere. Unlike Macy's or lower end stores, what you'll find will be 100% cashmere but without the astronomical price of the full price store. I loved this cashmere wrap.

I also liked this angora wool blend sweater for how swingy it was near the waist. I like to wear sweaters like this in the spring with tighter, cropped pants as the winter wanes. I particularly liked the color blocking in neutral on this one.

And above, I swapped the maxi skirt I came in for a pair of edgier, moto-inspired jeans. Those are the first thing I did actually purchase here.

Then this happened...

I think I was just looking at the cute pleating on these pants and didn't realize just how wide-legged they were?! So yeah, I didn't get those...

I also didn't get the NYDJ, waxed green jeans below, although I really liked them. Let me rephrase that, I really liked how they made my butt look! The fabric was thick and oddly supportive, but very flattering as a result. However, I just didn't see myself wearing the dark green into spring.

Lest you think all I ever wear is neutrals (sort of right), I also tried on a bunch of patterns, primarily with a dark background. The two kimonos were gorgeous, but I've already maxed out on light-weight kimonos so I skipped them. 

I did get this shirt, though, which I would wear with a skinnier bottom or tucked in to work. I wanted to show you the length here, which was a big selling point for me. I like a shirt that's versatile enough to wear to work and with skinny jeans. And I still love a dark floral for winter and spring.

Now this one is really a stretch for me! But I love it. I really do. I'm picturing wearing it with neutrals, jeans, or a navy blue and white striped midi skirt that I have to just play up the craziness of all that pattern!