Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Want You to Wear for Spring 2015

What I Want You to Wear for Spring 2015


To Work

Grab yourself a new dress, why don't ya? Or pull out the ones you already have! It's time. Spring loves dresses, especially dresses with patterns and dresses with sleeves that you can wear now and when it's almost summer and the AC is blasting in your office.
Sleeves make a dress feel more serious. Get one like this one that you can wash in the machine. 
Via Boden
More of a shirt and pants kind of day? I really like the look of a dark floral for spring. Wear this longer length shirt over skinnier, cropped pants with flats or heels. Wear it now with a cardigan or blazer and later without.

If You're Pregnant

This dress might be too expensive to buy if you're changing sizes rapidly, but I love the idea of a long, bold, floral dress for you this spring. Look for a cheaper version if you like it.

Via Free People
If you're further along and want something that will show off your shape, go bright and body-con in a dress like this. 

Looking for something more casual? Brits say it better, don't they?

Via Asos
And this is pretty darn cute.


On a Date

Whether you're going on a date with someone you've been married to for years or who you're not sure you're going to ever see again, wear something fun (like this gorgeous print dress that can be worn to work, too!). It's spring, and it's time to kick your heels up! 

Via Modcloth

Wear something that feels as special as you are, and you'll enjoy the date no matter what. A great skirt like this can be worn to work later, too, with a button down tucked in. 

Via Boden
If you're in more of an all black or tshirt and jeans mood, try a different style necklace than you normally wear. There are some gorgeous ones out there!


On the Weekend

Spring weekends are like gold. My husband isn't too hot to sit outside at restaurants with me like he is in the summer, and the garden is just waiting to be filled up. I'll spend spring weekends in easy, washable, mix-and-match pieces that focus on rolled up legs and bare arms. With adorable slip on sneakers. I think you should, too.

Via Asos
To recap: look in your closet for bold patterns, especially florals. Pick easy pieces that roll up to show off your ankles or are cropped already. Mix and match neutrals with brights. Choose pieces that make you feel special and happy. 


  1. Ok, that shirt! Clicked over to Modcloth and spent a good 30 min just browsing. I saw several pieces I want! Dan-ger-ous!! Feeling the need for a new top or dress for Spring!
    Hope you're doing well. Hugs,

    1. Hugs to you, my dear! Modcloth is absolutely somehere to get lost! Reminds me of you, too!!