Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dairy and Acne: What Has Worked For Me

Dairy and Acne: What Has Worked For Me

Recently, I was deleting thousands of photos from my phone, and I came across some old ones that I had taken months ago. An example is on the left, contrasted with a more recent photo on the right.

I have mascara on in both but nothing else as far as makeup. I was taking the awkward up close ones because at the time I was getting cyclic acne on my chin every month before my period, but once I got to the dermatologist it would be another time of the month and it was gone. 

Ultimately, I decided to stop eating dairy since everything I was reading linked that part of the face to hormones---and dairy. I'm extremely lactose intolerant, but I had been eating dairy with Lactaid. I'm posting this in the hopes that you share it with anyone who might be helped by the difference it's made for me to stop consuming dairy. 

But more than that, I want to echo something I've said before: I hope that if there are things that feel like they won't ever change or get better in your life, things that might be keeping your head down or causing you to doubt your beautiful place in the world, this is my wish for you to know that nothing is forever. Time will pass, things can change to the extent that you hardly recognize yourself. I believe in you. 

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  1. thanks for sharing this post! acne is an uncomfortable topic for so many of us. I have the same problem with cyclic acne. i will definitely try cutting out the dairy for a few months.

    You are beautiful! Cheers!