Friday, February 27, 2015

Easy Weekend Style

Easy Weekend Style

Happy Friday afternoon! What are your plans for this weekend? Last weekend my husband and I went to sit for a few hours in a local coffee shop, eat food, read our books, and work on our computers. I was inspired by this outfit to create my own layered look, which ended up being perfect for the weird weather that we had. It had snowed a TON on Friday then, the was 48 degrees on Sunday. 

I can't wait until it's warm enough for my poor little feet to wear something other than Uggs (with sheepskin inserts!). For the real snow I wore Sorrels, but they're not warm enough for my toes in the winter. 

Here's the original. What do you think?

My thoughts for you with this are: look around you, look at catalogues or images on Pinterest. Then, break the outfits down into their parts. For this, I realized it was distressed skinny jeans+ long patterned sweater+ military jacket+ neutral oversized t-shirt+ neutral scarf+ long necklace. 

Hmmmm, I thought. I have all of that! I loved her stripes, which inspired me to look for a patterned long cardigan. Mine (H&M) was leopard print. My shirt is H&M, too, and my cargo jacket is JC Penney. Horn necklace is from World Market. 

If you wanted to break this down even more, it would be: tough jacket+ soft layer+ inner soft layer+ something soft at the neck+ skinny bottoms. You might have a motorcycle jacket or even a hoodie to wear in place of the military jacket. You might have a light, soft, flowing layer in place of the cardigan, or you might sub in patterns for the outer or inner layers. Have fun with whatever inspires you this week!


  1. I like it! Especially the leopard print under the jacket. Cute!

  2. Adorable.
    P.S. It seems crazy to me that you can wear a military jacket in 40-something degrees! My Texas blood would be wearing my down puffer!