Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Bathing Suit Trends: When Did Bathing Suits Get So Cool?!

2015 bathing suit trends: when did bathing suits get so cool?!
First off, please do something. Can you please visit this buzzfeed article on models without makeup? Next, please look at this article on the worst photo shop of the year-and it's everywhere! And lastly, this photoshop video. I just find that when i look at lots of bathing suit pictures, it helps to keep in mind that these are not always accurate images of women, and their look should not impact how i feel about my body. Need more? Try 4th trimester bodies.

Ready? Ok, great. Bathing suits for 2015 are way cooler than for any other year that i can remember. It's been happening slowly, but this year it's notable across the board for bikinis, one pieces, cover ups, and everything in between.

In the spirit of being done with winter, i've decided to make this bathing suit week. So grab a fruity drink, crank up the heat, and let's pretend that we're poolside. I have so many fun swim ideas to share with you! 

Today, let's start with an overview of the trends. This week, i'll focus on my favorites for plus sizes and also give some ideas for petites since it can be tricky to find a great suit for curves as well as for a small frame. 

I have a few favorite stores for buying bathing suits in sizes 4-12/14. Later this week, i'll share my petite and curve size sources, too. 

1. Everything but water

this is not a cheap store. But here's what i realized a few years ago: i was buying many cheap swimsuits that i hated on me that didn't last. What was the point? It made much more sense for me to buy some more expensive, better fitting tops that supported my chest. Then, i bought bottoms at cheaper places and mixed and matched them with my tops. If you have more specific needs from a bottom of a suit, you might try the opposite.

That being said, ebw is my favorite place to shop for two piece and one pieces (like the trina turk above). They get what looks good on a woman's body, including ruching, support, a waist that hits higher up, etc.

And at ebw, you can even find suits that you can swim or surf in! And yes, they have cup sizing for
e+ cups. And there is nothing more flattering than ruffles. This is very similar to the suit that i got for our cruise a couple years ago after we did fertility treatments that left me very bloated! It also comes in a style with straps.

2. Athleta

There are many reasons to check out athleta for swim this year. First, their spf 50+ line is divine and skin-friendly. If you're looking for maximum coverage and great color, this one below is my favorite choice.

The other reason to love athleta is their bra sized line and their tall options. This one below is my choice for bra sizing because you can cross the straps-or not. I find that to be really supportive and also flattering. 

For tankinis, this one is gorgeous. 

3. Venus

I'm not going to include pictures from venus because they just don't portray women the way i like us to be portrayed. Venus is too much like victoria's secret in their styling for me, too sexualized. However, they have some great tankinis. So if you can get past the "come hither/i'm about to take off my swimsuit bottom" vibe with their models and you need a tankini, check them out. 

4. Title nine

I love title nine for their ability to create swimsuits that we women can move in. We can chase kids in them, run on the sand, take a swim, or get that kayak out on the river. These suits will move with you through it all, and they're stylish, too. I especially love their one pieces. What isn't there to love?

these stripes below are some of my favorites for their two pieces, but you could also mix and match with this color coordinating beauty, too. If you're looking for two suits, you can always buy both. When you mix and match, you've essentially got four different looks for the price of two!

I hope you're as excited about swimwear as i am. There are so many options out there that we should all be able to find something that reminds us of how much fun it is to be out in the warm weather doing whatever it is we do out there. 

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