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2015 Bathing Suit Trends: Petite Picks

2015 Bathing Suit Trends: Petite Picks

Via Land's End

Hi guys! I'm back. It was a nice long weekend spent with friends and my husband, and we're anticipating a possible snow day on Tuesday, too! But my brain is still looking forward to warm weather, and I have a few more swimsuit picks for you! Last week I had picks for trendy swimsuits and for curvy, plus size figures. Here are my favorites for petite frames.

One Piece Magic

First, try Everything But Water. I love their suits! They know that being petite doesn't mean you need to limit your selections to tiny swimsuits. I think some one pieces can overwhelm a small frame, but one with cut outs and a small top like the suit above and this one below can really flatter. Of course, if you are petite in the chest, too, be sure to try on anything strapless to make sure that it stays up.

Perfect Two Pieces


Try a mix and match bikini (where the top and bottom complement each other but don't match exactly), which is a huge trend for this summer. This one by Mara Hoffman is reversible to mix and match the pattern!

I love the top on this one below! You could easily splurge on the top and pair it with a cheaper bottom (white, black, or a bold color!), which is easy to find in a petite size at Old Navy or Target.

Each of the styles above comes in XS or even XXS. Standing with your hand across your body not required.

Curve Enhancing Styles

Ok, the next place that I highly recommend for swimsuits for petites is Land's End. Here's the link to their petite sizes in general. I cannot pick a favorite-they're just all good. So here are a few that I love!

I love that high, flattering waist on the suit above as well as the detailing on the chest. I had a Land's End suit in that color once, and I loved it. The suit below has such a gorgeous curve, too, that I think would be really flattering on a petite woman.

This one could be great, too, with that curve-enhancing swoop in the stripe, although the deeper scoop neck might hit a little low for some petite bodies.

SPF Coverage

Land's End has some really cute "rashguards" that provide SPF coverage and are also adorable. Here are just a few of my favorites for a petite frame. Oh-and Land's End typically ranges in sizes from XXS-XL, including petites and long lengths if you're curious.


Sexy Sexy Petites

Via Nasty Gal

Ok so this next category is what I can only describe as Vegas swimsuits. Or "swimsuits for special occasions." I'm thinking of a girls' cruise, a couples' trip to Vegas, or anytime when you want to leave the rashguard behind and flaunt that sexy petite body. Because, frankly, lots of petite suits don't lend themselves to sexy events. And sometimes, like in a pool full of curvy women in Vegas, you want something special (like fringe! or a gorgeous strapless top!) even if you're petite. These suits are for then!

I actually do wear earrings poolside when I'm on vacation.
Beehive not included
And if you're comfortable with teeny tiny, Nasty Gal has some of the smallest suites I've ever seen. Some make me blush they're so sexy, but this one is pretty amazing for a special bear-it-all event. Who says curvy girls get to have all the fun?

You could always pair that top with something like these cute swim shorts to have a bit more coverage on the bottom. Want a sexy one piece? Done.


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