Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Favorite Plus Size Bathing Suits for 2015

My Favorite Plus Size Bathing Suits for 2015

The retro styling! The stripes! The high waist!

I work with several clients who identify as wearing plus size or curve size clothing. I try to be careful not to separate styles into sizes because I truly believe that most styles work regardless of your age, height, weight, etc. However, I am sensitive to the fact that many women think carefully about swimwear and how it fits because it's so vulnerable to be nearly naked. 

For that reason, I'm spending a bit of time talking about curve sized swimwear today. That and there are so many great options! My recommendations for swimwear options in curve sizing are: Torrid, Swimsuits for All, some Asos, Macy's, and ModCloth.

First, Swimsuits for All. You must check these out, especially the Gabi Fresh line! They're incredible, sexy, and look supportive in all the right places. I adore them. Here's a look at them on Gabi Fresh herself.

The patterns! I can't get enough of that green print! And I love the high waists on these two piece suits, don't you? 


So, if you like the flattering cut of a high waist but don't want to show off your midriff every single time you wear a swimsuit,
I really love this tiered suit from Macy's. You could easily pair it with a high waisted bottom to change up your bikini. The same goes for this gorgeous ikat print.

See how they're already giving you a hint to pair this with a solid print bottom? The bottom could be black, navy, a contrasting color, anything! This is the way to mix and match suits so that you don't have to have so many of them, and you can pay more for quality. 


I don't love every swimsuit in the Asos Curve line, but I think they do have a few good pieces. I particularly like their retro prints, like this bikini below and this gorgeous one piece.

One thing I really like about Asos is that their models have some of the curves and shape of many women, the very ones we don't see often enough on models. 

Modcloth, on the other hand, has made the unfortunate choice of having lots of plus sized swimsuits that they show on models that are not curvy or plus size. There are a few exceptions, and I do like this retro fit and pattern, and this gorgeous one piece belowwith its unexpected pop of color on the straps.

I hope you liked some of today's swimsuits! I'll be talking about petite options tomorrow and then cover ups in a variety of styles and sizes early next week! Here's to dreaming of warm weather and hot sand!


  1. The GabiFresh stuff is so sexy and really positive body image. I really appreciate that you go out of your way to include plus size images for your blog. I wonder if they ship to the UK....

    1. I agree! I love their stuff. I'm so glad that you noticed that. I have clients, friends, and family in all shapes, and I love looking for clothes that fit all of them! I'm not sure about UK shipping. Have you tried Asos? I know they have a UK website, and they have some good stuff. But sadly, not as good at the Gabifresh!