Friday, February 20, 2015

Are You There, Flats? It's Me, Sensitive Feet

Are You There, Flats? It's Me, Sensitive Feet

Softwalk, might be my favorites

Let me know when you tire of hearing about my shoe tribulations, ok? If you're already over it, tune in tomorrow for something else! 
Still here? Great. Because I need some flat shoes for spring that won't kill my feet and hurt my back, but I'm not willing to wear ugly shoes. I just believe there is a compromise! I found it for fall shoes and winter boots, but I need to believe that the time for boots is waning, and I'm interested in moving beyond the 2 pair of clogs that got me through the fall months. 

Dankso, runs big
I'm posting this here today because I imagine there are others out there looking for a great pair of supportive flats that aren't depressing or a million dollars, and boy did it take me a long time to find them! 

Softwalk, good for a narrow foot
I can't speak to how they worked yet because I haven't ordered any, but the shoes in this post are what I found that I like so far. 

Nosox, cute casual
Reef, cute sneaker alternative

Merrell, so sporty
And they're not flats, but I do tend to do well with wedges so I'll include them in case you do, too. They're just too cute not to include. 

Earth Manza


  1. Love those black and white ones. May have to check those out! :) I can't wear heels for too long so always on the lookout for cute (and supported) flats.

  2. I just bought some Eurosoft flats at DSW that I really like. I think I tried on every black pair of flats in the place!