Thursday, February 26, 2015

An Amazing Blazer Shape to Look For

An Amazing Blazer Shape to Look For

So last weekend I bought a blazer that is more expensive than any other I've ever bought. However, I love it. I'm so excited about it! The picture does not do it justice, you really have to see the fit in real life. I highly encourage you to seek out a blazer that has a defined waistline that's at your natural waist.

See how there's a seam horizontally at the natural waist and how, as a result, the waist flares out a bit? It's even more exaggerated in person, and it's so flattering and unique. Look for that in a blazer!

Also, this particular jacket zips instead of buttoning, which adds a little edge that I love. The fabric is ok, pretty consistent with Limited's quality. I will likely try to dry clean it not that often if I can get away with it.

I also liked this one a lot because, well, I'm obsessed with stripes. And with that cute cut in waist, which you can see on the back. See that horizontal seam there and how the bottom flares out? That' going to accentuate your waist and create that womanly hourglass I love so much.

I love the idea of either of these blazers with a white tshirt and dark skinny jeans, with a white bottom of any type, or with navy or red, or...ok, you can see why I love them. I do not, however, love those weird jeans they paired it with here! The waist is not flattering here. Someone give this model a belt!

Here are a few blazers I've found with this same flattering shape. You can search by terms like "peplum blazer" or "flared blazer," too. Halogen makes a traditional suit with one,  Asos makes a really casual no button blazer with a great cut, and Torrid makes a faux leather jacket with a ruffle peplum. They're out there! Just remember, look for a horizontal seam just below the middle of your back and a slight flaring out of the blazer below that.

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