Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Style Every Woman Should Try

One Style Every Woman Should Try

I often read articles with titles like "5 Accessories Every Woman Needs," and they're either one of two things: (1) a long list of everything you could possibly ever have, broken into 5 categories or (2) very specific things that I do not think work for every woman.

A high waist is not a style that will work for every woman, but I'm being up front about that. What I do think is that every woman should try a high waist. And here's how to do it.

Try a high waist under anything. I rarely tuck my shirts into my jeans, for example, so having a high waist on just means that my lower belly is a bit more tucked in.


Or, like the images above, show off that high waist! Try a high waist with a shirt tucked into it. The wide leg here makes the waist the skinniest part of her body and helps accentuate her natural hourglass shape. A variation on this would be to leave the shirt untucked and highlight the waist with a belt (wide or narrow) around the skinniest part of your waist. 

I love a woman with bold curves in a high waist, don't you?

I've mentioned my favorite high waisted jeans from Old Navy before, which come in petite and talls. I also love these ripped Curve skinny jeans and these sizes 14-24 from Asos,  and these petite skinny jeans from Asos, too. 
High waisted pants are great for petites because they lengthen the legs

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