Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring To-Do List

Spring To-Do List

I have a list for you. No, no! Don't worry-this is not a list that should add any stress to your life! It should only spark some thoughts and possibly some excitement. I'd love for us all to take some time in this in-between period while winter fades away (hopefully! Right?) and spring starts to show her beautiful face to contemplate how we'd like the world to see us and how we'd like to feel in our bodies this spring. 

Here is some spring food for thought.

1. Get a fresh haircut. 

You know that feeling when you broke up with a boyfriend or girlfriend and chopped your hair all off? I did it a few years ago after stopping working with a terrible boss. It felt amazing. I'd love for you to think about losing a few inches of hair this spring. If you want some inspiration, my Head board on Pinterest is one of my most popular boards and is worth checking out!

2. Buy (or wear) something different from your usual. 

I tend toward a steady diet of all black, white, and/or gray. I'm thinking some pastels would be a good change for me this spring! If you tend to borrow inspiration from the guys, what about trying something soft and flowing (like the top above) instead? 

3. Learn how to do something new. 

I'm not just talking about facing challenges and making an impact in the world. I'd also love you to take time for silly, sweet things that will make you smile. Like making pretty shapes in your hair or any of these 29 hair hacks, or doing an at-home face mask.  

4. Embrace your own sex appeal. 

Work your hair, your legs (or both, like above), your brain, your creativity, or whatever it is you have working for ya. Feeling low about yourself? Ask your friends-what makes me beautiful to you? Then spend some time flaunting that-were they right? I bet they were. 

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  1. Have you seen the new line of pastel jeans at Old Navy? I usually don't do pastels, but I'm thinking a pair of these would be fun this Spring/Summer.