Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Etsy Valentines Day Gift Guide

Not that you need to buy more things, but here are some beautiful handmade ones if you want to.

For your mom (or new moms or grandmas) who knows the value of keeping her feet warm and who deserves something adorable to look down at that remind her how loved she is.

Felted wool slippers

For your best friend who lives in a place with cold weather but you both wish still lived with you in Texas.

Beanie with Detachable Pom Poms
For your husband who always has the latest, most advanced technology and whose old-school side you're always striving to bring out.

Vintage Alarm Clock (not best used as an alarm clock, seller adorably notes)

For your other best friend who just bought a house with a big yard perfect for gardens, orchards, and chickens. She'll be outside a lot and needing a chic head accessory to go with those peg leg overalls.

Head Bow Scarf
And while you're on the subject of beautiful heads, for your sister who can seemingly grow hair overnight and always looks like her truest self with her head wrapped brightly. She can make herself one but likely won't.

Head wrap

For your life partner, brother, father-in-law, stepfather, or dog's favorite uncle who has lots of things and doesn't want much else but you want them to have beautiful things, too. Light and flat enough to be slipped into a card.

Leather key fob
For your dear friend, cousin, or family member who is about to give birth and won't be pregnant anymore very soon and who will be breastfeeding! (You can do it. All of it.)

100% cotton kaftan for around the house
And, finally, for yourself. To put up in your bathroom mirror or anywhere else you'll see it every day.