Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's Go Shopping!

Let's Go Shopping!

This past weekend, I went to Old Navy twice. The first time was for jeans for me (a black skinny pair and a skinny pair with distressed knees) because they are on sale for $19 (and I got $5 at the time for trying on a pair-not sure if that deal is still running). I like Old Navy for basics and for things I'm experimenting with but don't want to commit to spending more than a few bucks.

The second time, I went with a personal styling client who was interested in trying the "skinny jeans" look for the first time. I think Old Navy's styles and prices are a great way to do just that! The same thing with black skinny jeans, white jeans, or even just a different fit than you usually try. They had some great boyfriend cut jeans, for example, and Old Navy would be a nice way to experiment with them.

So let's imagine that you and I were shopping together. Here's what I'd encourage you to try on.


Start with a dark wash and look for fit. Then, if you like the fit, try on a lighter wash, a black, or a white jean. Old Navy has plus size, petite, and tall, as well as many mid-rise jeans that really help a woman's lower belly appear as flat as possible. That's my pick.

Rockstar Mid-Rise

Plus Dark Wash Skinny Jean

T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Old Navy has some revealing tops and some horrible, stiff t-shirts that won't ever soften up no matter how many times you wash them. Avoid those! Instead, look for softer feeling t-shirts and tank tops that you can wear a bra with. For the next couple months, top one of these with a cardigan, moto jacket, leather or jean jacket, or (best!) a blazer.

I have a few guidelines when it comes to graphic t-shirts: I don't like ones that say Old Navy, and I don't prefer ones that are colors. I find the look more grown up and modern with a white, gray, or black background. Old Navy has a few (in a great range of sizes!) that fit the bill. I'd send you in to try these on with the jeans you're already wearing and a blazer on top.

J'Adore tee
LLL tee
I got the one above for myself, too! I'm imagining it with the jean jacket that my husband got me and white skinny jeans with low boots for now. I bought it a size larger than normal so that it balances out a shorter short when the summer hits.

Oh yeah, Old Navy? Not a sponsor.

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