Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wear it Now/Wear it Later: Maxi Skirt

Wear it Now/Wear it Later

My approach to personal styling is this: you likely already have some great clothing, but you also could likely wear it differently. Even those who love every piece of clothing in their closets get into routines, which can become ruts. I love discovering what my clients and friends already have in their closets and figuring out how to wear it differently, more creatively, or even more often!

When I'm shopping (for myself or for a client), I keep my eye out for pieces that I can wear now and later. For example, Garnet Hill is having a spring sale of 25% off until February 18th. For most of us, we're not thinking a lot about spring before February 18th! But, a few items stood out to me as things I'd love to buy now and not just hold on to until the weather warms up but to wear now, too!  Here is one.

Ankle-length, front pockets, optional folding down waistband, modal/cotton blend, five stars on four reviews...could this skirt get any better? But, spring feels like a long time. Here's how I'd recommend you save the 25% off by ordering it now and how to wear it-both now and later.


A maxi skirt can be your best friend in the winter because there's so much room to layer underneath! Add tights or even leggings and boots. I love the way boots feel under a long skirt-very pioneer-churning-my-own-butter. Try cowboy boots, ankle boots, or even snow boots. If you don't love that look, just do a flat shoe like a ballerina flat.

On top, try a big cable-knit sweater (I'd love an emerald green with this gorgeous blue skirt), a crisp white button down (try tucking it in), or a graphic tshirt with a soft blazer over it, like this one, which looks less shiny on the model.

For accessories, I love a long necklace with a long skirt because it draws the eye down the whole body, leaving you looking tall and narrow. Can't you just picture a long necklace there in the middle of the blazer? Bing!


Once the weather warms up, you've reached maxi skirt glory. You can always pair it with a basic t-shirt and sandals, but you could also try something more polished like a silkier tank top or cowl neck shirt. Experiment with leaving the front tucked and the back untucked or with a light sweater over the shirt or consider knotting your tshirt. I'm never comfortable with a cropped top usually, but if the waist of this skirt folds up, I could easily knot it and have plenty of fabric underneath!


If you're not ready for sandals or don't wear them in general, your trusty flats will work in the spring/summer, too. I tend to avoid heels with maxi skirts because I'm afraid that I'll trip, but I love when women wear wedges with maxi skirts.

I'm not buying this particular one, but I'm going upstairs to pull out some of my maxi dresses and skirts that I've relegated to the "summer only" section of my closet. How about you?

And nope, GH isn't a sponsor. I just like their stuff-and their sale!

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