Friday, March 28, 2014

Boden Dresses on Sale!

Boden Dresses on Sale!

We've talked about Boden before because I love them. I love their quality, their style, and their colors and patterns, too. They're pricey, sure, but I think they're worth it. Now they've got an incredible sale going on, and many of their incredible dresses are up to 40% off.

A few of my clients have family members getting married this spring and summer, and there's nowhere with better dresses than Boden. Here are a few of my favorites, but do check out their site because I could have included many many more. 

For Summer Weddings

Top one of these with a cropped gray blazer that you can also wear to work in another moment. For a wedding, try a drop earring or an arm full of bracelets.

Putney Dress
Tapestry Shift


Portland Place
Ponte Dress
 Did you notice all of those nice, high waists? Very flattering!

 For Work

If your office is like mine, you'll need to layer a blazer or cardigan over these during the summer. My office is freezing! If your office is a bit more casual, you could also top one of these with a dark blue denim jacket or a great navy ponte dress.

Sunny Day Dress
Riviera Shirt Dress
Field Flowers Pretty Shift
Putney Dress (again!)
Olivia Dress
And although I've labeled these as for the office, you could absolutely wear them to a more elegant event! Just dress up the accessories and wear your favorite shoes. 

For Spring/Summer Date Nights-with Your Partner or A Group of Friends!

Boden also has a bunch of dresses that scream fun and flirty! My husband and I have regular date nights, and I'd love to have a few of these in my closet to put on with simple shoes to head out the door for Mexican food or to check out the new movie-and-dinner spot that recently opened near us.

In the spring, I'd wear a moto jacket with a bit of edge with one of these dresses, and in the summer I'd let it speak for itself and keep the rest of the outfit simple. 

Eyelet Dress
Green Spot Dress
Helena Dress
My skin coloring does not lend itself to that last bright yellow, but if you can wear it, please do! And send me pictures!

Also, don't miss their t-shirt and top sale! Here's my favorite!

Freshwater Henley
Note: Boden is not a sponsor. I just like them!


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  1. So beautiful dresses for sale. The dress that I liked is the Portland Place. So classy!