Monday, March 10, 2014

Part Time Styling

Part Time Styling

Hello folks! Since Ella was snowed in earlier this week, I offered to do a guest post from my sunny spot in Texas, but because I have a one and a two year old, my "quick response" intentions became a "thank goodness they are napping/yay for spring forward" execution on this lazy Sunday.

My name is Tahira, and I have been Ella's dear friend for 13 years now through college, grad school programs 1, 2, and 3, two weddings, and my two tots. I am a part-time federal employee, full-time mom, and a run a small travel agency out of my study. I am what you might call busy.

Ella couldn't have started her personal styling business at a better time FOR ME. I have a one and a two year old and "suffer" the same styling roller coasters that every newish mom has. At some point, you just aren't sure if it is worth wearing anything other than yoga pants and a t-shirt. If the pants are LuluLemon, then it counts as dressing up. Trust me, I've been there. But, as a manager in a real office job, and a mom at home, Ella has helped me come to find that I can create outfits that blend from work to play and simple ways to make each outfit transition that doesn't require yoga pants (always). I usually head into work when my kids go down for nap, so I truly have to dress for EVERYTHING.

Here is my weekly roundup and some keys to making something for work or play or BOTH. Perhaps we should call it "What would Ella do?"

First up, Tuesday: a true 1/2 work, 1/2 play day. This Banana Republic Oxford is one of my faves for these types of day: it doesn't need ironing, has fun blue detailing and a stripe. Ella would approve. You know this outfit was heading out to work because I am wearing a necklace and a bracelet. Necklaces are luxuries I choose to forego when home with my little girl. I wore casual black slacks and gold sequin flats. I am sure Ella would have tucked it in for the work part, and I will do that next time. Untucked is definitely my look for Library Toddler Time and I just carried it throughout.

And here is my little lollipop. See, it works both ways!

Wednesday I had a work meeting so I am a bit more polished here. Though the photo is twice as bad.

This is a pairing truly inspired by El. Mixed textures, stripes, cohesiveness by using only jewel tones. I paired this sweater and blouse with navy blue pants and black suede boots. Also, if I hadn't discovered layering under this sequin top, it would have been a donated item because its so itchy. When I got home, I ditched the (HEAVY) necklace, traded the work pants for skinny jeans and invited the neighbors over to make homemade pretzels. Perfect!

Thursday is a day "off" for me (where I work much much harder as a full time stay at home mom). A less refined version of myself, circa 2011, would have never believed that a button up could be for play. But this Old Navy Men's X-Small number was a thrift store find at $2 and definitely isn't cut out for work. Being at home means scarves not jewelry, but you can see the fun details and crumply collar that mean its a play day.

And Friday, I snapped this shot while walking the kids to our local taco stand on a half day. The lighting was good but the camera lens is apparently dirty beyond words on my phone. Ha ha. Monochrome, two necklaces (one is technically a teething tool), and belted at my middle. I think I nailed it for Friday work casual in my already casual office. (The men were wearing jerseys.)

So, how'd I do, Bell? Style me!

Thanks, Tahira! You did GREAT! I loved seeing how you choose outfits that travel with you from home to work and back again! And thanks for shining a bit of that Texas sun on us! -Ella

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