Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What to Buy Now For Spring/Summer (Casual Picks)

What to Buy Now For Spring/Summer (Casual Picks)

A soft dress that I can dress down with sneakers or "dress up" with wedge sandals? Perfection.

Ok, guys. I've been a bit of a negligent blogger here. The thing is, I know in my mind that there are those of you throughout the country who are already experiencing spring. We had one glorious spring day last Saturday when all I could think about was maxi dresses and slip on shoes...and then it snowed over 8 inches on Sunday and Monday. We got a day off from work and all, but it was a real downer. I was no longer thinking about sandals and straw hats.

But! I know that it is coming, and I know that for those of you in California, Texas, and Florida, spring is a reality! Spring has sprung for you lucky ducks! Today and tomorrow, I'm going to share some of the looks that I love for spring/summer. Today I'll share my casual picks and tomorrow my more polished choices. Sound good?

Easy Slip-On Shoes

Via Zappos


You don't have to search far this season for shoes that beg to be left by the door and slipped on almost as an afterthought. JCrew does espadrilles particularly well, and these come in a bright, tribal pink, too.

Other favorites this time of year are Bensimon sneakers (like these polka dots! or these brights!) on the preppy end and Rocket Dog on the edgier end. Oh! And I don't see them in yet, but I got a Bensimon knock off pair at Old Navy last year and the year before, and I loved them and wore them into the ground. Keep your eyes peeled!

Via Zappos

Statement Pieces on the Bottom

In the warmer months, all I want to do when I'm not at work is slip on something easy like a t-shirt or tank top and be out the door-to the farmer's market, to the dog park, wherever. I find that I want to stockpile basic v-neck t-shirts that are soft and that I can wear over and over again.

One way to keep them looking fresh is with more interesting bottoms, whether pants, dresses, or skirts. This skirt (above) from H&M is a great piece. It's striped (yay!), holds its shape, and can be dressed up or down. I've seen similar skirts everywhere from the Loft to Target and beyond this season. Scoop one up!

If you're more of a jeans girl, even the jeans are interesting this year. Instead of your typical jeans, try something with patchwork or holes. These are $29.95 from H&M. Please note that each of these pairs is shown with heels, but I would be wearing my casual slip ons from above with these, not heels!

These are $288(!!) from JCrew.

Even basics like sweatpants and yoga pants are feeling funky lately. Try a pair of harem pants instead of jeans or black pants. My only advice is to make sure to watch your backside because some of the thinner fabrics on these pants can really show panty lines.


Basics on Top

Via Asos
Now, let's be clear about something. Unless it's on the beach, I'm not likely to tie my shirt up that high anymore (again?)-unless there's something underneath it. I love the look of a tied or cropped shirt over a maxi dress, for example, or over a tank top. I think it's a fun way to play with the cropped trend without feeling like you're trying to relive the glory days. On the other hand, if you're up for it, take note of how high the model's skirt is and follow suit. She's not showing her midriff and her belly button, which helps it to read as very demure.

Via the Gap
My favorite t-shirts come from the Gap, the Loft, and Everlane. I almost always buy t-shirts in at least one size-too-big so that they'll shrink and still be drapey. I like brights and whites for the summer, personally, but I also love the look of pastels on other people, especially women with gray hair, redheads, or blondes.

All t-shirts don't need to be plain, though. There are a lot of fun tongue-in-cheek printed shirts available this season, and I can picture how great they'll look with harem pants, skirts, and jeans. Here's a favorite from Asos. 

So that's it: my spring uniform. Something fun on the bottom paired with a basic t-shirt and some slip on shoes. Likely a straw fedora on my head and a long swingy sweater or jean jacket until it actually warms up. Talk tomorrow about more polished options!


  1. Hurray for doing Spring posts! We are definitely having Spring weather and this is very timely. Thanks!
    Cecilia :)

  2. You're certainly making me want to go shopping!