Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black and White: Updated for Fall 2013

Black and White: Updated for Fall 2013

Saying that black and white are "in" for fall is sort of like saying that pants are back in style. It's what my husband would describe as "Duh, Gee." Black and white are never going anywhere, which is why they're a great investment. But, if you want to wear your black and white staples and still keep up with the Fall 2013 trends, here's what I think are some great ways to do it.

Try a Black Victorian-Inspired Statement Necklace

I sort of hate the name "statement necklace" because it makes the trend sound new. We've long worn necklaces that are big and bold, so I'm not sure why these need to be defined as "statement." Regardless, they're here to stay for fall, but with a twist. I love the dark, broody Victorian twist jewelry is taking for the fall. Here is a big, bold necklace with a Victorian twist paired with what looks like a lace t-shirt but could easily be a regular cotton tee and a black blazer. Likely things you already own with a new necklace. Think of it like a gateway to the lockets and pocket watches of the Fall 2013 runway. I love it.

Black and White Lace

The Anthropologie dress on the left is to-die-for, right? And I love the weird necklace with it, by the way. Lace is here to stay for Fall 2013 so pull out any lace that you might have in your closet already. Instead of putting it with a colorful "statement" necklace, try it with a larger necklace in a metal. Or, if you're inspired to buy something new, you'll find a lot of similar dresses for a lot less. I got on ModCloth planning to show off dresses from other sites, too, but I really liked their selection and range of sizes. All of the dresses on today's post are from ModCloth.

Quirky, Modern Black and White 

I love Norwegian home decor for its simplicity, its stark white with contrasting black and warm wood...but not for my home. I love it for my closet! Most of us have a brown belt to use with black and white to re-create the blazer/dress look above, and Fall's leather looks amazing with summer's stripes. I've shown the glasses dress before, and I still love it. I would also love a black and white outfit paired with mint inspired by the room to the upper right.

Classic Black and White: Stripes and/or Dots

You likely have something striped or polka dotted, but if not, it's a strong trend that's also a classic staple-win win! The room is by Ikea, and I still love the clean lines when it comes to clothing, don't you? The Mad Men influence is still going strong for dresses, and the result is that they're really flattering, well-cut, cinched in around the waist, and lovely. I tend to think of stripes as being more nautical and better for summer, but the cut of these means that they're not too summery. For the strapless, just add a blazer and wear it into winter!

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ModCloth is a sponsor because they're awesome, but this isn't a sponsored post. I just like 'em!


  1. I'm totally wearing B & W today! Can't wait for you to see my outfit :-)