Thursday, September 5, 2013

UPDATE Shop Your Closet: How to Wear White After Labor Day

Shop Your Closet: How to Wear White After Labor Day

I have to admit, I never think of this "rule." It just doesn't occur to me-from winter white to patterned white, white is just like black in my mind: seasonless. But, I'm often reminded that folks do feel obligated to relegate their white clothes to the summer months. I'm here to change that.

Recently, Hannah from Love Always Hannah recruited me to help her meet her goal of no shopping for six months. We had a Virtual Closet Consultation over video the other night, and we made an important discovery together: she didn't feel confident wearing white after Labor Day. So, we've decided to pair up over the coming months to tackle that old feeling: "I have nothing to wear..." despite a full closet. Starting with bringing her whites into the fall/winter seasons is an easy way to shop less (or not at all!) but still feel excited to get dressed in the morning.

Looking at the white clothes in Hannah's closet in a different light means that she'll be less tempted to buy new clothes for the fall and winter, and she'll look gorgeous. Win for the No Shopping team! Here's what I suggested she do. Check out her plan not to shop for 6 months here. I'll update once Hannah posts the looks we created for her.


I'm beyond thrilled to share Hannah's "Shop Your Closet" looks. This, my friends, is how you not only wear but WORK white after Labor Day!Isn't she gorgeous?

Visit Hannah's site for more looks and a breakdown of how we created her new signature "Who me? Of course I wear white year-round" look.

Keep reading for more of my tips!

Go with Fall's "Modern Romantic" trend.

Think full skirts, pink or burgundy lips, tights, and tie-up or menswear shoes. Since white is a neutral that plays well with patterns, it's an easy way to keep white in rotation for the fall while also wearing some of the more "dressy" skirts in your closet. Don't have any? Try a white shirt or sweater over a dress with a belt!
Link's to today's images here.

Try Your Hand at Fall's "Military Chic."

The good thing about this fall's military trend is that we've seen it before-and recently. It's likely that you have something in olive green or with big buttons in your closet-now is the time to wear it! 


Wear Red, Orange, Emerald, or Burgundy with Your Whites.

These colors scream fall because they are warm and, well, leaf-colored. If you have a dress or other item that is very summery (like the classic stripes below), try a classic fall color to bring it into September or October. Adding booties or tights and brown accessories will help you feel more ready for a hay ride than the beach.

Embrace All White. 

I love all white for winter, but there's no reason you can't wear it in the fall, too. I love how the red lips and rich skin tone here play off the white, but the pale skin on the lower right looks great, too. I think this is a look that can work on everyone and might be the easiest to pull off at work.

P.S. Check out our joint Pinterest board for more inspiration on how to shop your closet!


  1. YAY!!!!!!! Thanks Ella! Love all these tips! Can't wait to post about my after labor day whites! XOXO

  2. Thanks, Hannah! I can't wait, either!