Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Do a Closet Cleanse: Part III

How to Do a Closet Cleanse: Part III

We've talked about how to tackle your closet and organize your closet by color. Today, I'm excited to talk with you about one idea for what to do with some of the clothing that you take out. Of course, you could donate it, host a clothing swap, or sell it on EBay, but if you are like me, it will never happen. Your clothes sit there in a pile/corner/box in the corner of your room or in your car until you finally find one of those clothing donation boxes. End of story.

Enter Twice. It's an online site that buys and sells clothing, like an online thrift store. It's kind of genius, actually, right? I ordered my first free bag to fill up this week because I have some items that qualify to be sold on their site. I'll update you when it arrives and throughout the process!

Here's what the adorable Rachel (there she is-being goofy!) had to say about it:

via Twice's homepage
"Twice is the easiest way to convert clothing into cash — we take care of everything for you! Just order a bag or prepaid shipping label through our site, pack up your past-wears and send them on over to us for free! Just be sure your brands are on our brand list, damage-free, and no more than 5 years old.

Then our team of quality experts will review your package and make you an offer on all of your items. You can collect your earnings in cash (via PayPal), paper check or get 25% more in Twice store credit. Whichever items we don’t accept, then get donated to Goodwill or sent back to you for a $5 fee."

How easy is that?! I'll have to update you once I've sent some stuff in, but it seems like a great way to get some cash (or credit) for items that I'd normally keep around. They advertize having sizes 0-16+, and when I've logged on the size variety has been stronger on some days than others. What they do consistently have are pants, including jeans, in lots of different sizes from high quality brands like Citizens Of Humanity, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Gap, etc. Those are a great buy since once you know your size in those brands, it's easy to order online.

Here are few tips to get you paid as much as possible:

- Use their fun calculator that shows your earnings per item;
- Carefully inspect your items and wash them prior to sending them in so they don't get rejected;
- Fill your package to the brim (the more you’ll send in, the more they’ll pay;
- Only send in their accepted brands —check out the full list here.

What to do with that store credit

So the second fun part about Twice is their clothing: they've got good quality brands with current styles for a lot less than retail. Here are some of my favorites from when I checked their site on Monday. If these aren't there, I'm sure you'll find some great items!

Anthropologie, Size 12 Price: $43.95 Originally Priced at $153.55 Buy it for 70% Off

Jcrew, Size 4, Originally Priced at $134.99 Buy it for 65% Off


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  1. I recently did the same thing but with thred up. Since you posted about this, I actually think this site looks cuter but I'll let you know how it turns out.