Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Three Pounds Less

I love this so much. I've recently had a lot of conversations about this line of thinking. I'm not sure if it's this age (turning 31 next month!) or if others are feeling it, but it feels to me that there's a cultural shift happening. It feels like we're ready, at least some of us, for saying "I am right here at the moment, and I'm ok with it" in regards to many aspects of our lives.

That's what I love, actually, about personal style. It's a way of being honest about our lives as they currently are and about celebrating that. It's about donating the clothes that no longer apply to our current lives and taking stock of where-and who-we are. It's not just about size, it's about lifestyle, values, how we spend our free time, and what we want the world to know about us. I love it.

Celebrating My Clients

I've gotten to work with some incredible women lately; they're "pretty damn good." Recently, I met with Hannah to tackle the myth of not wearing white after Labor Day. She's a rising star working in a fairly conservative office who was struggling to maintain her sparkle while at work and still have the energy for fun outfits during her down time. I think she looks incredible!


Then I worked with Andrea, a runner and young professional who describes herself as a "tomboy," to update her wardrobe without spending a dime. Her closet was full of incredible vintage finds, but she just wasn't wearing them in a way that made her feel excited to get dressed in the morning. Doesn't she look amazing?

Before Andrea there was Erika, six feet tall, redhead, PhD, young professional-professor and award winning jam maker. We spent a few hours together highlighting her made-for-Mad-Men curves and highlighting that incredible alabaster skin. She blew me away.

I also got to spend a morning doing some personal shopping for Anna, a new grandmother who has spent many years putting others' before her. She was ready to spend some time with herself (and me!). The results were incredible. "I look like my old self!" she said at the end.

And I was even featured on StyleLove!

Here's to you, women of the greater DC area. I salute you! Right where you are...


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