Thursday, August 15, 2013

StyleLove featured me!

Eeek! I feel famous today. I'm featured over on Love Always Hannah! Hannah has an incredible eye for all things beautiful-whether re-imagining a space to make an unforgettable party, pairing bright color with a tough edge like camo, or lighting up the room with her beautiful voice. It is for that reason that I feel so honored that she would feature my style on her site. Here is a teaser, and visit her site for the rest!

LAH – What’s one of your favorite things about yourself and why?
Ella – I’m proud of my ability to see the potential-in people, things, and situations... Whether teaching in the Bronx, representing criminal defendants in court, or mediating with a difficult industry (my current job), I have always sought out (sometimes unconsciously) situations where I am called to find the potential there, find the good. I see that more in my life now that I’m settled into our home and our marriage – I’m excited and energized by a forgotten piece of furniture that I could paint and give new life and also by people around me. I have always made people over in my head-thinking about what they could be wearing that would be more reflective of their body or their spirit-but for a long time I felt guilty about that. I think I felt like it was a negative, like being a mean girl or something. But I’ve realized lately that I’m not putting anyone down – I’m uniquely situated to see how tweaks to clothes, some great makeup, or even different food could lift them up. I love that I can see that beautiful potential all around me.

Thanks, LoveAlwaysHannah

I'm so looking forward to our collaborations in the near future! 


  1. Awesome! Love all the photos. You ARE a rock star!

  2. Thanks, Tahira! She has a great eye.