Thursday, August 29, 2013

Virtual Shopping: Maternity for Fall/Winter

Virtual Shopping: Maternity for Fall/Winter

This week, you heard from stylish a mother of two about her tips and tricks and then got some big-picture questions to ask from me to think through what your body might look like in the coming months, how to use what you already have, and how to dig through other people's closets. Now that you've taken stock of what you might need and what you have that already works, let's get down to what I would suggest you buy if you were my client in her second trimester now before fall/winter. That's right, it's virtual shopping trip time!

Let me start with a story. Last weekend, after my shopping trip with a client, I stopped by Old Navy and Destination Maternity to shop for my friend. Since she's just in her second trimester, I haven't said her name here. Well, I felt like a teenager who is experimenting and starts to talk to an adult, "I have this friend...who..." In this case, "who is pregnant, and she's not sure what to wear..." I don't think they believed me, and I know some of you don't either! Rest assured, Pregnant Friend exists, and it's not me. If it's you, too, here's what to buy.


Dresses are going to allow for the drastic changes your body is about to make. Right now, you might still be covering up a little with a cardigan, but when you're ready, you can wear these with a belt tied over your belly. I love the un-fussy patterns and the sleeves. All from Target because you might not want to spend a lot right now until you get a better sense of your shape.


It's hard to know whether you're going to like a band that goes up and over your bump or not at this stage. I'd suggest getting one or two basics that will work either way and from somewhere cheaper, like Target or Old Navy, for now in case you can't stand the style you chose in a few weeks/months.

 Top two are Target, the rest are from Old Navy. Psst! Old Navy is having a 30% off sale now through 9/2. Use the code "Spree" at checkout. 
 The pants above have 4.5 stars out of 94 reviews. Sounds solid. I'd get them.


I showed you a few shirt ideas last time, and tops seem easy for some reason, but this one, also Old Navy, was just too good to pass over. 

Thanks for sharing my ideas with your pregnant friends! And be sure to contact me if you'd like to take me shopping with you-pregnant or not!

P.S. Thanks to Baby Bump Bundle Blog for introducing me to Pink Blush Maternity! Their clothes look great, and they're having a 20% off all tops sale! Love these-and check out more links on my Pinterest Board.

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  1. Anytime! Love that striped at the top, dark at the bottom dress at Target !