Wednesday, August 14, 2013

UPDATE: Q& A: What Do I Pack? An end of summer girls' weekend in Brooklyn

Updated live from NYC!

Thanks to the gorgeous and stylish women behind A Different Story and Love Always Hannah for sharing your pictures with us. I'm not sure if you used my tips or not, but you looked incredible and like you had so much fun! I'll take credit for the hat, basics with details (love that statement necklace, Caroline!), and comfortable shoes, m'kay? Can we all go along with you next time?

My incredible, creative, gorgeous friend Hannah is going with friends to Brooklyn for the weekend, and she's asked for my help packing her bag. Here are my ideas for a comfortable, stylish girls' weekend in the City.

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How to pack

Lay your clothes out on your bed by outfit and then by day/night. Think about things that can serve two purposes, like a blazer that goes over your maxi dress on the bus from DC and also over your tank top and skirt at night with heels. Consider bringing only clothes that all coordinate so that you can mix and match if the original outfit idea doesn't work due to rain, heat, or just not feeling it once you get there. For example, all black and white with colored or metallic accessories (it's still summer, so pull out the neon!), or all stripes or shades of your favorite color. 

Once you have enough outfits for the days, roll your clothes so they wrinkle less. Points for laying them out in outfits inside your bag. For NYC, I like to carry a large tote bag with me with my clothes and to lay my purse on top so that I'm not rolling a suitcase through the city like a tourist. With these tips, you can fit everything you need inside that one bag-or on your body!





Pack Basics + Details: 

What ties these outfits together are the detailed touches. The base is a simple, classic outfit made up of solids, polka dots, or stripes. The contrasting color bag, the arm full of bangles, and the belt all make these outfits adorable and very doable for a weekend trip. The rolled chinos could be worn multiple days (or at night!), and I love a good dress for traveling.

 Put Something on Your Head-especially on the last day.

Unless you're the type to leap out of bed and leisurely wash your hair before heading to the bus station or getting in the car, chances are that you'll leave the City with slightly dirty hair. A hat or cute head piece covers a multitude of sins and also looks great.


Add a Jacket to a daytime outfit to make it a nighttime outfit.

If your blazers or jackets feel too much like fall, push up the sleeves and pull your shirt through to make it feel more lighthearted. I like both the solids and the patterns in the pictures below so just play around with how your jacket could work with multiple outfits when you're laying out clothes on the bed.

  Or a Vest. If you don't have a good one, wear a tunic or dress open as a vest.


Wear Walkable Shoes.

 I love the contrast of feminine and masculine, dark and light. Like Hannah's photo above (right), flowers can work with camo and look great. The same goes for these shoes. Wear the sneakers with the maxi dress or the loafers with a skirt. It will be unexpected and fun-just like your weekend!

P.S. Insider Tips that Will Leave You Wanting More of Brooklyn.

Pack heels in your purse so you can be comfortable during the day. 
Stash cucumber wipes in your purse to wipe off the grime from the subway and walking around.
Bubby's in DUMBO has the best cheese grits in the world. Eat them.


Check out Love Always Hannah to see how they made the most of a girls' weekend in NYC! 


  1. where does one find a vest? Also where do you like to buy your Blazers?

  2. The blazer question is easier: I find blazers that I like at TJMaxx, Ann Taylor Loft, and even H&M and Kohls depending on the season. I like blazers that are made of heavy fabric, that are not black (all you need is one of those, really), and have sleeves that I can scrunch or roll up because they're not too tight or have a fun detail fabric inside the sleeve.

    Vests...I think it depends what kind of vest you want. Since vests are trendy right now, you might want to go cheap and not make a big investment in such a trendy item; in that case, try Forever21, H&M, or Old Navy. But, I do think that a cargo/military style green vest is a classic item that is worth the investment. I pinned a couple ideas for you, including a few DIY options. My favorite is with a large pashmina!