Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Closet Re-do: Erika (Classic Beauty/Tomboy/Pin up)

I am so excited. This Friday, my dear friend, Erika, has agreed to let me into her closet. On my first day working for The Government, Erika took me out to lunch. I didn't know it at the time, but she was checking to see if I was another crazy co-worker come to ask her awkward and inappropriate questions. I'm not sure she was listening quite carefully enough because she seemed to want to hang out with me again after that...

Here's Erika!

Oops! Sorry. That wasn't Erika, but her adorable kitten, rescued from a parking lot in classic Erika style. Erika (Dr. Erika, to be precise) is one of my favorite people.
A shot from the shooting range-stolen from her Facebook and, I believe, taken on Valentine's Day?
She is one of those friends who convinces me that we have past lives-I have known this woman before! There is no other explanation for the ease of our conversations, the instant trust, and the similar (warped) sense of humor. I talk to Erika most days, and whether it's about canning, relationships, or "Mandatory Fun," I always look forward to hearing what she'll have to say. She's brilliant, kind, creative, and the perfect person to kick off this new venture because she is unbelievably gorgeous-and open to playing around in her closet.  Before knocking off for a gluten free dinner adventure, Erika said she'd like to cull through some of the clothes that she'd like to donate and/or sell, look at ways to combine colors/patterns/textures, and put together an outfit to wear to a wedding she'll attend soon. I can't wait to see what she has in her closet because she has some incredibly gorgeous pieces that she'll only wear every so often-I want to get them in a heavier rotation! And, I can't wait to free up some space in her closet and hang some outfits together so that she can practically fall into days' worth of clothing options that makes her feel as gorgeous as she is.
For now, the style that I've coined for her is Classic Beauty/Tomboy/Pin Up. I'll explain more about why that helps me and how it evolves when I post about Friday's fun! For now, check out the Inspiration Board I made for us!

I also might have an another incredible styling opportunity coming up in the near future that I'm so beyond thrilled about. I can't believe this is all happening. Eek!