Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To Style: to look at oneself with fresh eyes

Guys, I just had the best weekend. I try to regularly carve out time to be creative, but this weekend was just beyond. Let me try to put some of it into words.

On Friday night, I got the chance to fuss over my dear friend, Erika. For years now, I've helped friends and family members out with their clothes by suggesting different ways they could wear the clothes that they already own and by really focusing on what items they might need to add. I'll write more about it this week over on my styling website later this week, but it was so much fun. Erika really loves fashion, has a great sense of what looks best on her body, and is a 6' tall redheaded beauty. Basically, it was the most fun ever.

On Saturday morning, I headed over to our dear friend Andy's house. We spent a few hours looking at his house through fresh eyes. What I discovered was that his house was full of gorgeous glasswear, vintage record players tucked away inside of built-in cabinets, and amazing artwork. The thing is, it was all hidden away out of sight! Mainly, we tackled his front room, which was either empty or a storage space. I'll write more about it here this week and as we continue to work together, but here is an idea of where we're headed (don't mind the boxes in the corner).

The Library

Then! Then! To round out the weekend, my beloved friend, Hannah, came over to do a photo shoot. Who does that? And can we have one every weekend?! It was the best. Hannah is an amazingly talented woman, and I basically want to make a pocket-sized version of her to bring around with me so she can make my life look prettier. She can transform any space into exactly where you'd want to live or have a party-or both! Here is one of her shots of me, and I can honestly say I felt prettier than I had in a long time with her on the other side of the camera!

After the shoot, we sat brainstorming creative ideas together, and my head is still buzzing. I can't wait for what the future holds! Including more of this!

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