Wednesday, August 7, 2013

True Life: I'm A Badass (Who are you?)

You know that trashy MTV show "True Life?" As in "True Life...I'm an international spy" or "True Life...I'm an alien." Ok, maybe the plot lines are not that interesting, but you get the idea. Today's True Life is about me, but I have a feeling it might be about you, too.

A few months ago, I started wearing pearl earrings ironically. I thought it was funny because I don't see myself as a pearl earring kind of girl. Then I realized last week that it's become a thing, and likely no one around me realizes that I think it's funny. It makes me wonder how other people think we see them. What are they wearing in jest?

Because deep down, I think I'm a total badass. Like this. All images via.

 Or on a mild day, maybe this
And that's what's inside when I'm dressed like this after a day at the (conservative) office.

So today, take a look at what you look like inside, and bring a touch of that into your regular "costume," whether it be a leather jacket, stud earrings, more pink than you usually "let" yourself wear as an adult, a tomboyish nod to your childhood self, or just that old glint in your eyes. You might find that some part of you rejoices in embracing the inner you.

I won't wear them to work, but yeah, I might be buying these.


  1. Kick-ass! Although I think you should wear the sequined skirt to work....

  2. Love this! It's totally true and I totally feel you. It's like a daily struggle for me to "tone down" my personal style in order to fit the expectation at work. Can't wait for you to play in my closet again! - Hannah

  3. Anonymous-I love that skirt! And I do wear a gold sequined Ann Taylor Loft number sometimes.

  4. Hannah-yes! It's a balancing act sometimes, especially for us in government offices in this town. I can't wait, either!!

  5. Sometimes I wear something funky or notably on trend and just pretend I'm you. I do realize that the people around me must assume I'm dressing as myself!