Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekly Roundup


Weekly Roundup: Weddings Edition

I'm constantly seeing amazing deals or fantastic items that I'd love to share with everyone I know who is that size. Well, this is it! My weekly roundup will feature those items in a variety of sizes and styles. I hope they inspire you not only to shop but to shop your closet for similar items! Then, check out some styling ideas here!

This week, let's talk about two sources for affordable, gorgeous dresses for bridesmaids and wedding guests in a variety of sizes.


Target!? Yes. Thanks to Tahira on the tip for this one! Target actually is a great choice for a bridesmaid's dress because Targets are everywhere for friends who live around the country, and they're inexpensive. Plus, they carry sizes 2-28W! Here are a few favorites for a fall/winter bridesmaid-or wedding guest.

For pregnant wedding guests (or bridesmaids in a stripey wedding), check out numbers 4 and 5!


I know, I know! I do! Forever21! But here's the thing, I have fantasized for a long time about styling a wedding party all in Forever21 dresses. I'm at the age, ehm!, where I'm not a bridesmaid much anymore. But, I think most of us would be so happy to spend a tiny amount of money on a dress that, let's be honest, we're only going to wear once. Like Target, Forever21 is nearly everywhere, can be ordered online, and has a variety of sizes. I tend to feel very old shopping there, which makes online shopping even more appealing! Here are my picks for a great, cheap dress to wear in (or to!) a wedding once this fall.

Ignore the casual styling-this is the time to pull out your nice jewelry to counterbalance the fact that this is a Forever21 dress. I doubt anyone will know.

I would love to see a winter bride dress her bridesmaids in the white dress above!

Because the best part of going to a wedding is feeling confident in what you're wearing-and having leftover money for brunch the next morning!

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